Monday, July 7, 2014

Enjoying The Small Things, Part Deux

All three of my babies are napping right now (Yes. All three. I love when that happens!). So. I'm taking a little time to focus on what I'm enjoying these days. 

Recently, I've been enjoying...

...Having two sets of amazing grandparents who my kiddos just adore. And I do, too. 

...The conversations I get to have with my sweet baby boy, who just loves to smile and talk with his Momma.

...Getting to spend time with the best of friends, including those I've known for 15 years... 

...And those I've known for 2. 

...Patriotic breakfasts to kick off celebrating the greatest country in the world.

...Vintage dresses gifted to my girl by her great, great aunt that finally fit. 

...Getting my running shoes, Jillian Michaels DVDs, and rap music playlist up and going again.  

...Squishy baby cheeks. 'Nuff said. 

...Friday Family Happy Hours. Always my favorite part of any week. 

...Any and all time spent with family, especially of the pregnant sister variety.

...Pushing back bedtimes to make special memories with my oldest. 

...The tiniest of ballet slippers, an absolute dream come true.

...Stroller fans to make even the hottest of days more bearable for those who may be stroller-bound. 

...Life, in general. Some days may feel long, some days may be hard, but I am thoroughly enjoying this life I've been given.

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