Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Highlights from 2015

It is so hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close. This was the fastest year of my life, probably because it was so chock full of so many memories I will treasure forever. Here are a few of my favorite family memories from each month to close out the 2015 Doc Momma blog posts...

We celebrated Raleigh's 3rd birthday, showering her with lots of Frozen gifts as well as both a Daddy date (for a special breakfast) and a Momma date (to the American Girl Cafe). We had a super girly birthday party for our little lady, which included dress-up, manicures, and a tea party. We also enjoyed the beautiful, warm (?!) January weather by clocking in lots of time outdoors. 

February was an awesome month! My hub and I took our oldest two to Disney and had a ball! Harrison also experienced his first (minor) snow fall.

March was a busy but fun-filled time for our little family, which included kindergarten registration, the start of teeball season, a Daddy-Daughter Dance, time with BLOMPS cousins, and more. Whew!


In April, our precious baby boy turned the big 0-1, and we celebrated with a "Milk and Cookies" birthday party. We also did lots of other fun things during the kids' Spring Break, including hitting up Carowinds, celebrating Easter, and picking strawberries. 

May meant the conclusion of the preschool year for Banks and Raleigh (including Banks' graduation!), finishing up teeball seasons, celebrating Daddy's birthday, hitting up the pool, and even sneaking in a few date nights (for my hub and me, that is). 

June was fun, fun, fun in the hot summer sun! We had such a sunny summer and definitely took full advantage, heading to the pool as much as possible. We also celebrated Father's Day and our 11-year wedding anniversary. 

This month brought the first of two family beach trips, with my hub's "side" of the family. Harrison also got his first haircut!

We had so much fun closing out the summer in August, including attending our second family (BLOMPS) beach trip and...Banks starting kindergarten and Raleigh starting dance!!!

September was an absolute blast, as we celebrated Banks' 6th birthday with a Ninja party, Raleigh started 3-year-old preschool, Banks started his first season of flag football, and we attended our first (of many! undefeated!) Clemson games.

A little trick-or-treating, some two-wheeler riding (!), a big family wedding, and my babies continuing to grow up too fast: this is what October held!

November was full of family time, feasting, fundraising, football, and feeling thankful.

We closed out the year by having lots of Christmas fun all month, visiting with both "sides" of our family, continuing a tradition of seeing the Nutcracker with both grandmothers, celebrating Momma's 35th birthday, and enjoying our time off from school.


2015 was a joyful year, a hard year, a wonderful year, a memorable year, a faith-filled year, a beautifully unforgettable year. Now, let's see what adventures 2016 brings...

See you next year! <3