Friday, July 25, 2014

Five On Friday: Pre-Vacay Edition


Finally, FI-NA-LLY, we are headed to the beach for our annual family vacation tomorrow!! We're headed to Edisto, to be exact, and with my awesome "in-laws" to be even exact-er. As in, eight adults, eight children, one house, and seven days o' fun in the sun! If you follow me on IG, again, I apologize for the photo collage overload coming every day next week. 

Anywho, that being said, here's a quick "Five On Friday" so I can finish packing and hit up the liquor and grocery stores. ;) 

My precious baby boy is exactly 3 MONTHS OLD today! Ahhh!!! How did that happen? Based on my own measurements, Harrison now weighs 13 pounds, 14 ounces and is approximately 24.5 inches long. His 12-week growth spurt has thrown us for a loop over the last week and a half, with his sleep being all over the place. Although he typically still wakes once at night to eat, he has had several rough nights the last 10 days or so where he has been up anywhere from 2 to 4 times to feed that tummy. BUT. He has given me one good belly laugh so far, which was the best sound in the whole world. and totally makes up for those sleepless nights. Here's a bit more info about our sweet 1/4-of-a-year-old baby boy: 

P.S. Not sure why the lighting in this photo makes the seat of his glider look brown. It's not, I promise!

The kids and I had a blast last weekend when we visited my parents, aka Bammy and Digby, while my hub was out of town. The highlight was definitely Saturday morning, when we spent over three hours traipsing all over Riverbanks Zoo. All three kiddos were awesome the whole morning! They loved it! And so did us grown-ups! 

This week, both Banks and Raleigh had fun camps to attend! As was documented in my last post, Raleigh spent the first part of the week at a Princess Dance Camp. Harrison and I loved going each day and watching her through window with all the other proud mommas. One day, her Daddy even came to watch and surprised her with flowers. My heart just melted that very instant. 

And Banks had a great time at his half-day, week-long neighborhood camp. Just like the camp he attended last month, the camp had different themes for each day, such as carnival day and insect day, and he got to play tennis and soccer, swim, do arts and crafts, etc. He had a blast all week, and it was perfect timing because I was able to get some pre-beach prep stuff done while he was camping-it-up. 

On Monday night, my hub and I had a double date night with two of our closest friends. We started the night by eating dinner at a delicious, local cafe (Flipside Cafe for all you Mill-ians, which uses only locally grown products and was sooooo good!) and ended the night with, what else, a trip to Carowinds. Oh man. It was awesome! Just like last year, when my hub and I concluded our 9-year wedding anniversary celebration with a little Carowinds action, we had the BEST time! Because we went at night, the temps were cool, the lines were nonexistent, and we hit every major roller-coaster over and over and over. Seriously. So fun!

Did I mention we're headed to the beach tomorrow?!? Hip, hip hooray!!! Oh, and also, my baby sister is due with her baby girl the day we come back from the beach. I'm reeeeeeeally hope little Skylar will decide to make her debut a few days early so that I can just hop in the car and drive on over to Charleston to meet her on her birthday. Fingers crossed!! 

And with that, I'm off to finish packing. I'll be taking a blog break next week as I soak in time my family, but I'll be back soon after with a full beach recap. I'm sure you'll be waiting on the edge of your seat for that--ha! See you soon!

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