Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: A Year in Review

Wow! What a full, fun, fabulous year 2013 proved to be for our little family! 

I feel like I found my footing as a stay-at-home Momma, although I continue to learn and grow each day with how to be the most involved and present Momma I can be for my babies while also making sure to throw in some hub time and me time. I'm a work in progress for sure, but I have always enjoyed a good challenge. :) 

As a final post for 2013, I thought it'd be fun to list top memory-making adventures for each month, starting with...

January: We celebrated our Raleigh's first birthday with a special winter wonderland affair. 

February: We took our Banks to Disney World for what would prove to be one of the best weeks of his, and our, lives to date.

March: Banks concluded his first season of soccer and began his first season of tee ball, with Coach Daddy leading the way on the tee ball field.

April: My hub and I ventured to Europe for a week-long vacation to Paris and Portugal. 

May: We spent time continuing getting to know our new town and spending time with new friends.

June: We took our annual beach trip to Edisto, where we soaked in lots of great time with family and continued to make wonderful beach memories.

July: We enjoyed time with grandparents, cousins, sisters, and friends as we celebrated the Fourth of July (and I snuck away for a weekend for my baby sister's bachelorette party).

August: Not only did we celebrate my stepbrother's beautiful nuptials, with Banks making his debut as a ring-bearer, but I snuck away for another girls' weekend before we kicked off Clemson football season with 15 of our closest friends. 

September: We celebrated Banks' 4th birthday with a Father-Son campout birthday party!

October: We kicked off Fall with lots of fun around Fort Mill, concluding the month with trick-or-treating, racecar driver style. Oh, and we shared our big news with the social media world!

November: We watched my baby sister marry the love of her life and enjoyed time with both sides of the family as we swam in thankfulness and blessings. 

December: We soaked up every ounce of Christmas cheer, packing in as much fun and seasonal spirit as possible each day, while concluding the month with more of my favorite thing in the world: family time!

Whew! What a blessed and wonderful year! 

And now, looking toward the promise of what lies ahead for 2014: 

Most certainly, our most exciting new adventure will be the addition of Sweet Baby Lu to our family. I am also looking forward to the new job position my hub will be taking on, which promises MUCH less overnight travel time (yahoo!). Banks will begin his last year of preschool in the Fall while Raleigh will begin her first. They'll be new additions within the family that we will celebrate with all of the joy and happiness that accompany such momentous occasions! And we will certainly remain thankful and grateful to our good Lord for all that he provides. We will continue to make family and friends a priority, striving to make enough beautiful memories with those we love to last a lifetime. We will also continue to grow and change and learn and love, and I look forward to documenting it all here on my little space in the internet. Thank you for your readership and support in 2013! 

Happy New Year to y'all--here's to the promise of what lies ahead in 2014!