Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Banksisms, Part 6

Oh, Banks, you hilarious, entertaining, inquisitive, little boy. Thank you for keeping us on our toes, and laughing, all.the.time. (as evidenced by Banksisms Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). 

And now, the latest round. And yes, I absolutely plan to publish all these little ditties in a personalized photo book sometime in the near future. I think it'd make an entertaining coffee table book, no? 

(During bedtime prayers one night...)
Banks: "Dear God, Thank you for my family and my friends. Please let Jesus live in my heart...And please let me be a grown-up so I can touch the ceiling...Amen."
It's the little things...

Momma: "How's your lunch today, buddy?"
Banks: "So far, so good!"
Apparently, I make a mean PB&J

A rare moment of seriousness

Banks: "What are those?"
Daddy: "Those are crab legs."
Banks: "We should probably give them back to the crab."
As my cousin David said, Banks is clearly a future environmentalist. 

(After seeing Raleigh dressed up for church, a look of awe lit up Banks' face...)
Banks: "Is Raleigh a princess?!?"
I hope he always sees his sister as being so beautiful.

Banks' princess :)

Banks: "Mommy, do you like spiders?"
Momma: "No. Spiders make me nervous."
Banks: "I like spiders...when we kill them." 
Note to self: re-visit nightly prayers and bless all spiders, big and small...

Banks: "Mommy, I love your ear. That's my favorite part of your face." 
Really? I mean, really?

(Upon seeing an Eiffel Tower ornament we brought home from our trip...)
Banks: "Ooooh...is that the Awful Tower?"
Some may call it that...

(Upon seeing his new booster seat set up in the car...)

Banks: "Oh! Is that my new, brand seat?!" 

Banks: "I don't want to share today."
Momma: "Why not?"
Banks: "Because sharing's not my favorite thing to do."
At least he's honest. 

And that, my friends, is a picture of brain-freeze :) 

Oh, how I love this little boy! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A (Photographic) Walk Down Memory Lane

I love to take pictures. 

Wait...what?! Isn't that the most shocking news of the century?!

I'm thinking...no. 

I know, I know. Overkill sometimes. 

But. For me? It's just a fun hobby. A way of capturing precious moments as they pass by, all too quickly, and a means of looking back, reminiscing, and storing away visual memories of the people I treasure most in this world. 

Over the weekend, I spent some time looking through old Facebook photos from way long ago.  And also some from recently. And oh, the memories. 

And now, a little (photographic) walk down memory lane...

The strongest, most amazing Momma in the world. And P.S. Check out the shoelace bow I'm a'rockin'.

Some of the sweet girls I danced with throughout my childhood (that's me shootin' the thumbs up).

Some of the awesome girls I danced with as a Rally Cat at Clemson. 

June 26, 2004: One of the best days of my life. 

A reunion long ago with some of my high school girls

Ahhh...young newlywed love. 

University of Minnesota Medical School interns. A very fun year in the very cold north. 

The infamous Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture, during a visit from my hub to Minnesota the year I was away.

A night out in the ATL with my suh-weet inlaw sibs. 

Tailgating with my beautiful baby sister, circa 2008. 

Vegas baby. And clearly, ahead of the ombre trend. Or maybe just too busy for regular highlighting touch-ups? You decide. 

Did I mention my family loves to bowl during holiday get-togethers? We do. Especially my hub. 

Beach memories...our last trip before the first grandbaby of my side of the family (Banks!) was born.

Large and in-charge: 39 weeks pregnant with what I would soon learn was a 9-pound, 15-ounce baby. WHOA belly!!!

My sweet "little" boy, at 5 weeks old. 

These days, our Edisto beach trips are being taken over by babies. This one, circa 2011, three little Luton cousins. 

My college best friends. I don't know what I'd do without these girls and our annual girls' weekends.

My baby boy, ready to pounce on the pool.

My Momma. 'Nuff said.

Cousins make such sweet fwends. 

A picture I'll treasure forever: My Amy and my boy.

Be still, my blonde-ringlet, little-boy-lovin', Momma heart. 

Did I mention I love these girls?!

The best big brother in the whole wide world.

Beautiful second cousins. Makes my heart smile. 

The love of my life. Celebrating 9 years of marriage in less than 2 months!


My favorite men in the world, huntin' for candy.

There are no words for how much we simply adore our Nana. Absolutely no words. 

The best family practical joke ever...

Bammy and Banks love. 

The girl I waited my entire life to meet. She was worth the wait. 

Her daddy agrees. Smitten.

Our oh-so-loved and madly adored Nana and Pop. Two of the greatest grandparents on the entire planet. 

Precious baby girls: BFFandEverandEver.

Nothing like a little beachin' it with the hub. 

This girl.

This boy.

The Owen-Luton-Peele-Meek ladies. 

Doing our best to continually instill in our children "It's nice to do nice things for people."

They truly love each other.

I adore this child. 

Celebrating the life of our beautiful friend.

Ringin' in 2013 with some of my favorite-est people. Ever. 

Did I mention this boy? 

And this girl (Photo by Volree Wade Photography)? 

How's that for a random start to the week?!