Friday, December 30, 2016

Highlights from 2016

Wow. It is absolutely NUTS to know that 2016 is coming to an end. Without a doubt this was the fastest year of my life. I seriously cannot get over the fact that 12 whole months have come and gone. But. We managed to fill those months with plenty of love and laughter and memories. As per tradition with my lil' ol' blog space, here are some of our highlights from 2016: 

January was a BIG and busy month for our little fam! My hub and I headed to Arizona with family and best friends to cheer on our Tigers in the National Championship game. We may have lost but we had a ball (and hopefully, we'll be doing the same in Tampa next weekend #fingerscrossed). Banks also started his first season of basketball, and we had a big ol' snow, which was so fun! Most importantly, we celebrated our girl turning the big 0-4 with a Rainbow Arty Party. <3

In February, we cheered on our Panthers in the Super Bowl, Daddy took Raleigh to their second Daddy-Daughter Dance, and we rooted for Daddy during his big F3 race.  

March started off all fancy as my hub and I attended the Greenway Gala and had so much fun with great friends! Daddy took Banks and Raleigh camping, we celebrated Easter, and I took kids to Charleston for a few days over Spring Break.

April included a getaway for my hub and me down to Isle of Palms, along with some of our dear friends. When we got back, Banks lost his first tooth! And of course, we loved celebrating our baby boy turning 2 in April by taking him to Riverbanks Zoo. 

We loooooved May! May was the conclusion of school (Banks finished kindergarten; Raleigh finished the 3s preschool class) as well as the end of Banks' flag football and Raleigh's dance year. We also celebrated Daddy's 36th birthday and headed to Daufuskie Island with some of our best friends to kick off the summer.

We dove head first into summer with lots of pool days, football and VBS camps, and our annual Lu family trip to Edisto. An absolute blast!

July meant more lazy days and pool days and our second big beach trip with the BLOMPS side of the family!

Before we bid adieu to summer, I took my trio down to Panthers training camp with dear friends and we had fun at a neighborhood back-to-school party. And just like that, summer came to an end as Banks began 1st grade and Raleigh and Harrison met their new teachers

September was Raleigh and Harrison's turn to go back to school, for Raleigh's last year of preschool and Harrison's first! My hub and I headed to Auburn for the Clemson/Auburn game before taking our trio to the first home game later in the month. Additionally, Raleigh started a new activity (gymnastics!) and Banks began his third season of flag football. The month ended as we celebrated Banks turning 7 by inviting two of his best buds to join us for a Clemson game. Fun for all!

October meant field trips for the littlest Lus, our annual trip the Fall Frolic, more camping with Daddy for the biggest Lus, and all things Halloween!

November was another full and fabulous month. We voted, continued to cheer on our Tigers, co-hosted our first annual Friendsgiving, and feasted with family.

And finally, December. A whirlwind of a month but by far my favorite of the year, with all things Christmas (and my 36th birthday thrown in there somewhere amongst it all). :)

The biggest highlight of our year, though, was making our decision to adopt. We were offically approved to adopt on April 29, 2016, and completed the process (i.e., had our completed dossier "logged in" in China) on October 18, 2016. Over the course of the year, we have been fundraising via my cookie baking efforts (#docmommabakes ;) and through several generous and thoughtful supports from our dear friends (Tupperware and jewelry parties; professional photo session revenues; custom-designed bracelets, to name a few). And now, we await news that we have been matched with our daughter. While we absolutely ache to have her with us already, we continue to make memories as a family and prepare our hearts and home for our new addition. We hope and pray, with all we have, that our second daughter will join us sometime in 2017. In our waiting, we continue to covet your love, support, and prayers. We know God has already chosen her. 

Thank you, God, for a full, faith-filled, joyful 2016. We cannot WAIT to see what 2017 has in store for our Lu Crew. <3

Happy New Year, friends! May this be your best year yet!