Wednesday, May 25, 2016

180 Days

Dear Banks, 

I will never, ever forget your first day of kindergarten, when you walked down the green hallway and waited patiently outside of Mrs. M's classroom for your first school day to begin. You smiled and waved confidently as I hid my tears--tears of pride that you were so brave and excited to start this new adventure and tears of sadness as I realized that you were entering a whole new world, never to return to the preschool status you had outgrown. One thing I didn't experience that day? Fear. Because you, my boy, were ready to soar. And soar you did. 

Banks, over the last 180 days, YOU  

...have learned to fluently read. In fact, it is unfathomable to me how much your reading has grown, and there is nothing I love more than listening to you read each day, especially when I catch you reading to your little sister and brother

...have shown leaps and bounds in your math skills! In fact, while you are an excellent reader, your Daddy and I already believe that math will be your area of greatest academic strength. We are so proud of how well you have done!

...have learned to navigate tough social situations, both apologizing to friends when you have made mistakes and accepting their apologies when they have done you wrong, quickly forgiving and moving on as if nothing happened. We grown-ups could certainly learn from you in this domain!

...have become increasingly independent, thwarting my plans to drop you off and pick you up from school, after begging to ride the bus. And you may be my big boy but you still look so small and innocent when gazing out that bus window each day. 

...have made your Daddy and me SO very proud of you. You are a smart, kind, friendly, respectful, loving boy who soared through your kindergarten year. Way to rock it, buddy!

Banks, over the last 180 days, I

...have missed you like crazy. Our house is too quiet when you're away at school, and I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a whole summer to spend with you, your sister, and your brother, together. Oh, happy day! 


...have watched your Daddy walk you to the bus stop every single morning. As soon as the bus pulled away, I then walked out to the corner of our sidewalk, waiting for the bus to drive back by so that I could wave to you as you headed off to school. Rain or shine, hot or cold, I never missed a single morning waving to you from our sidewalk, and I loved seeing your big smile and return wave as you rode by. 

...have packed your lunch every day (with the help of your Daddy, at times!), always including a new, handwritten note for you to discover at lunchtime. I know you looked forward to the notes, but did you also know that I wanted to do this so that you would get a little extra reading practice at lunch each day? Did you notice the notes went from basic pictures the first month of school to more complex messages as the year went on and your reading progressed? Sneaky momma! ;) Similarly...

...have written messages in the driveway with sidewalk chalk every single day this year (as long as it wasn't raining--sidewalk chalk doesn't work so well in the rain!) for you to read as soon as you got off the bus. And honey, you looked forward to these notes and drawings every day! Again, fun for you to see and fun for me to challenge your reading. ;)  


...have been so, so, SO proud of you!!!! Buddy, you really knocked it out of the park! You have worked so hard and learned so much, and I truly cannot believe your kindergarten year is over. Congratulations, kindergarten graduate! And now, it's time to play hard! Summer, here we come!!!

With All My Heart, 


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