Friday, May 6, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, New Nephew Edition

Just a short post to kick off the weekend, as it's been a busy week (birthday celebrations for one of my nearest and dearest-Happy Birthday, Jenna!; practices; ice cream play dates; tea with a much-loved girlfriend; Muffins for Mom; life; etc.). Here's what I'm saying CHEERS to this week/end: 

My beautiful new nephew. I am ecstatic to share that I became an aunt once again yesterday, to the most gorgeous, healthy, amazing little boy, Finn. Finn joins his older sister, Skylar, as being two of my many nieces and nephews who have my heart. I cannot wait to squeeze and snuggle this precious buddy ASAP!!! We love you so, B family.

One last flag football game. Well, for this season, that is. Banks continues to be passionate about all things football, and we'll be closing out another awesome season with his teammates at their last game tonight, Friday Night Lights style. Go Jackets!

Mascara. Ha! Okay, so I'm not really saying cheers to mascara, but I did want to share the results of the great mascara debate #firstworldproblem...although there may be a late contender (more on that in a sec.). 

The overwhelming majority voted that E (followed by F) was the best:

It looks like the nicer brand won out this time. Now, keep in mind that I used a mascara primer (that came with the samples) when applying D, E, and F; so, take it with a grain of salt. I also thought it was interesting that my personal favorite (E, for sure!) did better than when combining it with D, as is shown in photo F (In other words, the Hypnose with primer alone did better than the Hypnose + Definicils with primer together). 

But wait!!! I have since been told by two different people that there is an amazing new Mary Kay mascara that just came out that is supposed to be phenomenal. Now, it could all be just PR, but the photos I've seen are pretty impressive. And at $18 a pop, which is less than the Lancome, I am certainly willing to give it a try if the results turn out to be as good as promised. Stay tuned... :) 

Parenting fails. How 'bout a nice, healthy dose of OOPS on this lovely Spring morning? Banks lost his second tooth last night! Yippee!!! And then, the tooth fairy forgot to come. She may or may not have realized it mid-shower this morning, jumped out of the water sopping wet, grabbed the closest towel, and hauled booty upstairs to see if there was still an opportunity for the good ol' fairy to come. Nope. Banks was awake and greeted me with, "Mom! The tooth fairy didn't come!" My heart sank. The guilt washed over me. Until..."Mom, I know why she didn't! I bet she only comes on the weekends...or maybe there were so many kids that lost teeth yesterday that she couldn't go to every house last night." Yes. Mmhmm. Right you are. You can bet your bottom dollar the fairy will be leaving a nice little note with a bright, shiny coin tonight. Really, Linds?! You had ONE job. :0 

Fun weekend plans. Like I said, we'll be headed to the football field tonight to cheer on our favorite flag footballer. We'll squeeze in some F3 and Pure Barre workouts tomorrow before heading to a Kentucky Derby party tomorrow afternoon and then closing out the weekend with some laidback, family-filled, Mother's Day fun on Sunday. 

On that note, Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful, amazing mommas out there. I am so blessed to not only have two of my own amazing mommas (Love you, Bam! Love you, Nana!) but also to have amazing sisters that I group text with daily (what do you think we average, BLOMPS mommas? At least 100 texts a week? Way more?) as we support each other through raising our babies. And of course, I love all my beautiful momma friends out there, too, who are incredible examples of what mommahood looks like at different ages, stages, and places. One thing is for sure: Mommas help make this world go 'round, and I am beyond thankful for all of those in my life. Love y'all! Happy Mother's Day! <3

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