Friday, February 24, 2017

Cheers to the Weekend, So Long February Edition

HOW in the WORLD is this the last weekend of February? I thought last year went by quickly, but this one is moving at lightening speed! Anywho, here are some things we've been saying CHEERS to over the last week: 

Another baby in the family. Yes, I am absolutely ECSTATIC to share that I am going to be an aunt again!!!! This makes Baby #12 on my "side" of the family, and I could not be more thrilled about my latest niece/phew!!! <3

Daddy is home. My hub was in San Francisco all last week but arrived on Saturday morning after taking a red-eye. He arrived just in time for the kids to snuggle up and me to head out to Pure Barre. :) 

Slumber parties. Although Banks has had friends spend the night at our house before, he had his first overnight last weekend! He loved every minute of it and had the BEST time, but I'm not going to lie...we really missed him that night! Our house is just not the same without our Bankster; so, we were glad to have him back the next day.

Baseball! Banks opted out of baseball last Spring in order to play (another) season of flag football but asked to play again this year. He had his first practice earlier this week, with Daddy as his assistant coach and one of his best buddies on his team! So far, so good!

Double dating. My hub and I snuck out for tacos and tequilas with a couple we l.o.v.e. last Saturday, and enjoyed every minute! Bonus: we went out to an early dinner and were home early enough for this grandma to get to bed at a decent hour. :) 

Consigning. Although I am still holding tight to all of my baby girl clothes so that Little Lu #4 will be able to inherit her big sister's wardrobe, I have finally been able to start selling my boy clothes, seeing as how Harrison will be the last boy of our bunch. Originally, I had intended to sell a bunch of clothes at a big, local consignment sale coming up in a couple of weeks, but alas, I missed the consigner deadline. Luckily, our neighborhood has an awesome, private Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page, and there is also a larger, public Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page specifically for children's items for the town we live in; so, I was able to list several bundles of baby boy items and finally make some cash off of these clothes I've been holding on to! And what do I intend to do with said cash? Turn around and use it to help offset the cost of the spring/summer wardrobes I'll need to buy for my trio. Dave Ramsey would be so proud. :) 

Our Greenway. As a Southern girl, I could not be loving this February weather any more! It has been GLORIOUS so many days this month, with our temps reaching the mid-70s on multiple occasions! And since we had a 4-day weekend last weekend, and my hub was able to take off Monday, we took full advantage! On Monday (Happy President's Day!), we hiked our local Greenway and enjoyed every drop of the glorious sunshine. <3 And we loved getting to meet some of our bestests half-way through our adventures. :) 

Back on the courts. After not playing since November, I was finally able to find time to hit the tennis courts again over the long weekend, as my hub and I played mixed doubles with our friends, while letting the kids run wild on the adjoining playground with their buds. It was great! 

As far as this weekend goes, I am excited to be meeting a new friend for coffee this morning before our Nana and Pop arrive for a weekend o' fun in the Mill! Just what the doctor ordered as February continues to march along. I hope you have some fun lined up for the weekend as well! Have a great one, and I'll "see" you back here next week. :)

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