Thursday, January 10, 2013

Remember When

Remember when you gave up a summer of fun;
I knew right then that you were the one.

Remember our day, it was you and me,
Saying, "I do," under great oak trees.

Remember the year that I lived away,
Counting down 'til I could see you every day.

Remember when, so young and carefree:
Late nights, later mornings, and spontaneity.

Remember when the test said, "Yes";
There was shock and excitement as we prepared our nest.

Remember when we first heard him cry;
Instantly, our hearts entwined with our big guy.

Remember as we watched him grow,
Raised him with love, faith, prayer, and hope.

Remember learning that three would be four,
This time a little girl we would instantly adore.

Remember when we first kissed her sweet head
And sang to her softly as we rocked her to bed.

Remember watching them laugh, love, and play,
Their sibling bond stronger with each minute, each day.

Remember uprooting and starting anew,
New town, new home, new adventures, too.

Remember us now. Remember us here. 
Our love, our home, our family, our dream. 

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