Sunday, January 17, 2016

Remember Not To Forget...

1 year, 8 months.
"One, Two, Fwee, Fo-uh, Fie, Sics, Seben, Eight, Nine, TEN! Hewe I come!" His precious voice rings out as he runs joyfully around the house, looking for his big sister during a boisterous game of hide-and-seek. 

To say my little buster's language has grown leaps and bounds over the last few months is an understatement. He is putting little phrases/sentences, together, adding lots of inflection to everything he says, and making sure to keep all of our attention by putting his face directly in ours when we focus on something else for even a moment. He answers complex questions ("What'd you dream about last night?" "Banks!" or "Milk!" he answers, or whatever else his sweet heart comes up with) and follows directions amazingly well.

He loves to sing. L.O.V.E.S. to sing. Twinkle, twinkle. You are my sunshine. This little light of mine. ABCD..., Wheels on the bus, Bringing home a baby bumblebee. At any given moment, if you are within earshot, you will hear the sweetest little boy singing his heart out, smiling from ear to ear when he realizes he has an audience. 

This boy somersaults. Jumps. Runs. Hops. Bounces. Dances. Tiptoes. Climbs. And all, gleefully. All, with complete confidence and poise. 

He adores his big brother. And feels so sad when his big sister is away at school. He loves his momma but is obsessed with his daddy. The once shy and separation-anxiety-filled little boy is now an outgoing, confident, friendly fella, one who loves animals and bubbles ALMOST as much as he loves school buses. Those are his most favorite. 

His sweet tooth rivals that of his momma's. While not much of a meat-lover, he does enjoy "co-ern" and "bean beans." And he can drink any milk addict under the table. :) 

He sleeps with his "blank" and "bubby" for every nap and night-night, never putting up a fight when it's time for some shut eye. He enjoys a good snuggle and gives the best hugs, saying "Squeeeeeeze" while he oh so affectionately wraps his arms around our necks. 

He adores reading books and watching "Puck," the name he gave "Peppa Pig," which is now the term the whole family uses when watching the cartoon. Being outside is his happy place, whether it be cruising in the wagon during family bike rides, soaring through the air on his swing, jumping on his trampoline, or drawing to his heart's content with sidewalk chalk. 

"He is just happy to be here," my hub and I always say. And boy oh boy, are we glad he is. <3

4 years. 
She doesn't walk. She floats. She prances. She moves through the world with the greatest of elegance. Coordinated and flexible, long and lean, her graceful movements come naturally. 

She is sneaky and daring, this one, and is often found pushing limits, breaking rules, and trying to get away with all she can. She learns quickly and easily and, while flattered by praise, is easily discouraged when reprimanded. Although sensitive at times, she bounces back quickly, and can go from happy to sad to happy again, like the flip of a switch. 

She spells and writes her name beautifully, loves to color, and has come into her own in preschool this year. She enjoys dancing and crafting, singing and performing. But most of all, this girl loves fashion. Not loves. Adores it. Dresses are her love language. She is happiest when discussing clothes, which is why her consequence for making bad choices is losing the right to choose what she wears that day. 

She loves painted nails and lipstick, dress-up clothes and princesses. But she can hit and throw a ball with the best of them. And while she would often prefer to play quietly with her "honeys" (aka dolls), she won't hesitate to take on her big brother in a sword fight or get involved in a game of family football. She loves the outdoors and can often be found holding worms or snails or lizards or any other creepy crawler that comes her way. 

She is the girliest tomboy I know. She is my best pal. Her warm smile and genuine giggle will light up even the gloomiest of days. And the beauty of her golden curls is rivaled only by that of her loving heart. We are so thankful she is ours. <3

6 years. 
He is the definition of a first born: a rule-follower, a leader, a high-achiever. He sets goals and pushes himself to reach them, competing even when there is no competition-we have no idea where that competitive spirit came from. ;) 

He walked into kindergarten and never looked back. Never hesitated. Adjusted easily. And made new friends along the way. He behaves well, is kind to all, and does his homework each day...with only minor complaining. :) His memory is like no other and hearing him read with growing confidence, ease, and fluency each evening makes this momma's heart so very proud.

But. Sports are his happy place. More specifically, football is his passion. He eats, breathes, lives, and loves football, sitting silently to watch televised games, playing his heart out on his own flag football team, practicing every spare minute he can squeeze into his day, and wearing a jersey as much as physically possible. He is happiest when outdoors and in the company of friends--and when those things collide and end up on a football field, well, you'll never find a happier boy. 

He is creative and clever, often creating his own artistic projects at the desk in his room, his walls now decorated with drawings and masterpieces he has hung himself. Most artwork centers around football and Star Wars, and he loves surprising his mom and dad with special notes and letters for no reason other than because he wants to tell them that he loves us through his creations. 

Never have I seen a kinder, gentler, more loving big brother. He is patient and helpful and sweet and forgiving, even when younger siblings do their best to step on his toes. He loves affection and he loves attention and will go to great lengths to ensure he gets both many, many times throughout the day. 

He loves his friends almost as much as he loves his family and is so proud that he is now permitted to walk or ride his bike to his buddies' homes all by himself. Although once hesitant and scared when faced with new obstacles, he now faces them head-on, such as no longer hesitating to ride full-speed down a hill on his two-wheeler. He now welcomes the challenge. And smiles proudly when he accomplishes it.

He is one in a million, our oldest one. And we thank God for him each and every day. 

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  1. Love all three of them, and they are all so lucky to be YOURS <3