Monday, January 25, 2016

Cheers To The Weekend: Errr...On Monday Edition

I had plans of finishing writing and publishing this post on Friday, but alas, last week turned into a busy one, filled with school volunteering, 100-day celebrations, birthday party planning for a very special friend, snow playing, and on and on and on.. <3 So, today I am saying CHEERS to the weekend....after the weekend-ha! Here's a small bit of what we were up to last week and what we were CHEERS-ing: 

Bundled up babies. 'Nuff said. ;)

100th Day of School. This school year is flyyyyying by, and I am counting down 'til summer, when I'll have all three of my littles home with me. Last Thursday was the 100th day of school, and each kindergartener was asked to make a shirt with 100 items on it. It should come as no surprise that my little big guy wanted 100 footballs on his shirt. He had such a fun day! And now, less than 80 days 'til summer!

Playdates. All three of my babes had individual playdates last week, which they loved. And then, on Tuesday, I took my littlest two to SkyZone for a special (double) momma date. 

Surprise school lunches. After our trip to SkyZone, Raleigh, Harrison, and I had so much fun surprising Banks for lunch!

Snow!!! We got a couple of inches of snow and ice on Friday/Saturday, which meant (1) no school on Friday, (2) lots of snow fun as a family on Saturday, and (3) a 2-hour delay today! 

Grown-Up Game Night. My hub and I had the BEST time on Friday night at an adults only dinner party and game night with some of our favorite neighborhood peeps. The food was amazing (thank you Matthews family!), the company was awesome, the drinks were flowing, and the laughs continued until late into the night. So, so fun!

Pajama Party Wine Tasting. The following night, one of my girlfriends and I hosted a pajama wine-tasting birthday party for one of our nearest and dearest. It was an absolute blast! When my hub and I used to live in Atlanta, we would do this each month with some close famliy/friends; so, when the forecast turned dangerous as the weekend approached, my girlfriend and I changed our original Uptown Charlotte restaurant party plans to an in-home jammie/wine party. And it did not disappoint! It was SO fun!!! Happy 35th to our girl, V! 

 My first attempt at making a banner with my new Silhouette.
 Rachel and me, the co-hostesses :)

The birthday girl and me :)

The start of a new sport: basketball! Last week, Banks started his lastest atheletic endeavor: basketball! I have vivid memories of cheering on my big brother in his bball games as a child, and it was awesome to see Banks take to the court (and score his first official basket!) late last week. :)

And with that, we say CHEERS to a new week! One filled with lots of promise and excitement and new arrivals and celebrations and amazing blessings for family and friends we love so dearly. <3 
Have a great week, y'all!
Oh, and also? GO PANTHERS!!!! KEEP POUNDING! We'll be cheering loud and proud for our Panthers, especially our favorite Panthers player, Graham, as he and his teammates head to the SUPER BOWL! Woohoo! What an awesome year for our two favorite football teams! Now, we just hope that the outcome for the Panthers is better than it was for our Tigers. Go Panthers!!! Bring it on home!

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