Monday, August 29, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, On Monday Edition

A quick CHEERS post today, as the weather has been GLORIOUS and we are in recovery mode from a busy last week/end (hence, the delayed post). Here's what we are saying CHEERS to: 

Haircuts. For the boys, at least. A little snip here, a little snip there and they are looking fresh and clean. And momma is on tap for some salon time next week. Woohoo!

Future Falcons. Banks had a BLAST during his first night as a "Future Falcon" football player for our high school. He loved running through the tunnel and onto the field and rocking his new shirt. :) 

Coffee. For whatever reason, Harrison was up and crying a few different nights last week, which means disrupted sleep for momma, a little extra crabbiness for Harrison, and extra coffee on tap. 

Sweater vests in the summer. Last week, Raleigh decided she wanted to get Harrison ready for the day all on her own (unbeknownst to me!). This meant that they came  walkin' down stairs together, him rocking a sweater vest and shorts combo she was so proud to have chosen. :) 

Adoption progress. I am finding that this process is a hurry-up-and-wait type thing. We have compiled and gathered all our forms and sent the necessary portion off to Homeland Security and now we are waiting to hear we have been approved. So, we wait. And then will be the next step, and then we will wait some. Wash, rinse, repeat...

Surprise parties. Over the weekend, we traveled to Georgia (after a pit stop in Aiken for the night to stay with Nana and Pop) to surprise my brother "in law" at his 40th birthday party. He was totally surprised and it was a lot of fun getting to spend the day with family and friends while celebrating his 40 years. And I even got to make some cookies for the event, which I designed around four of his favorite things: being a Veteran, cheering on the Clemson Tigers, watching "Andy Griffith," and playing poker. :) 

Tennis. I have taken to the courts a couple of times over the last week and forgot how much fun it was to play! Although I've never played formally on a team or anything, I took a couple of lessons as a child and have played a little here and there for fun from time to time--but it has been years since I have been back on the courts. Last week, one of my girlfriends and I played a singles match and it was SO fun! Then, last night, my hub and I played doubles with another friend and her hubby, and again, it was a blast! I can't wait to get back out there again ASAP and hopefully make it a regular new hobby!

Magazine modeling debuts. Last year, Raleigh and a few of her sweet friends were selected to model for a Halloween spread in Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Well, last week it finally came out. And the pics are adorable, as is the awesome party styling by the one and only Anders Ruff. So fun!

And that's it for now! We have a busy week ahead with dentist appointments, playdates, meeting new preschool teachers, gymnastics, flag football practices, packing for a special trip, and more! No rest for the weary, right?! Be back soon! Have a good one!


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