Friday, February 8, 2019

Cheers to the Weekend, Hello February Edition

Helloooooooo, Friday! This week was a fast one, and I'm so glad to see the weekend arrive so quickly! A few things I'm saying CHEERS to as we welcome in the weekend: 

STEAM night. It's no secret 'round here that I love the schools in our area - in fact, they are the reason we chose to move here to the Mill 6.5 years ago! The teachers, principals, and support staff are incredible, and we have no intention of leaving this place until our last little one graduates from high school. <3 Anywho, over the last several weeks, for the second year, our beloved elementary school did a "One School, One Book" event, wherein every child in the school was given the same book and the same assigned chapters to read aloud with their families each night (This year, it was Nim's Island). So, every night, while still sitting at our dinner table after our plates were empty, we read the book together as a family. A couple nights ago, we rented and watched the movie as a family. And last week, we attended our school's STEAM night as family, with all kinds of activities based around Nim's Island. So fun and such a special place to learn. <3

Kitten love. I briefly introduced our newest family member in my post from earlier this week but thought he deserved a more thorough introduction. Back in December, my hub and I decided to grant Raleigh's two-year wish of getting a cat of her very own when she turned 7. The hunt was on and we founded the most precious rescue kitten a couple weeks later. He wasn't yet old enough or big enough to come home, though. Our little orphaned kitty lost his momma shortly after birth when she was killed. Luckily, he and his two kitty sibs were found and nursed to health. They didn't think our little guy was going to make it initially, but after weeks of the sweetest TLC from his foster family (they bottle-fed him and kept him growing and vaccinated and cared for and loved), he was finally ready to come home on February 1st. We were able to meet him a few weeks prior and were thrilled to bring him home. And he is thriving! 

Also, I never knew that CATS ARE THE EASIEST PETS ON THE PLANET. Our Theodore came to us litterbox-trained and has not had a single accident (knock on wood). He sleeps in his little cat bed, which is placed on Raleigh's bed and directly next to her pillow, every night. While she's at school all day, he can typically be found hanging out in my hub's office (when he is working from home) or hanging and playing with me. When the kiddos are home, it is kitty play time, all the time. Our little Theo is very loved by all, and we are so glad to have him. <3

Books, books, and more books. I am on a reading kick. If you didn't see the latest reads I recommend, check out my post from earlier this week. Two of the best books I have read in YEARS are on there, along with a few other pretty-good reads. I just devoured another over three days this week #cantstopwontstop, called Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. To be honest, it was a little predictable BUT it was still a good read! Would make for a good carline, pool, bedside, or beach book for sure! Next up, Where the Crawdad Sings. Will report back on that one once I'm through!  

Chinese New Year. And closing out the post by saying HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!...three days later - ha! We celebrated with two families we love so much, who also have beautiful daughters from China, last Saturday night. Although the flu caused a change in plans from the celebration being hosted at our friends' home to a Chinese restaurant, it was still special to see our girls, and their proud siblings (and parents!), together, dressed in their beautiful silks while devouring a scrumptious meal. 

And it blows my mind how much our sweet Bella has changed in just a year! Can't wait to see what amazing changes await us from now until next year's Chinese New Year celebration!

And that's all I've got, folks! My hub and I are having a super-fun date tonight (more on that next week); Raleigh is headed to our Bammy and Digby's for the weekend for a special, solo grandchild/grandparent visit; we'll be cheering loud and proud for Banks the second round of basketball playoffs tomorrow afternoon (his team won their first game last night - woohoo!); I'll be getting my church volunteer on Sunday morning before a highly anticipated afternoon at the hair salon for moi - hooray! Have a lovely weekend, friends! See you next week!

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