Monday, July 16, 2012


I am…

A wife. To an amazing man. Who just so happens to be my very best friend. He also happens to be the most incredible daddy I have ever known, but more about him later…

Together for 10 years...
Married for 8 years...
Two babies later...

A momma. To my two precious babies, who have stolen what was left of my heart. I cannot imagine breathing without them. They are mine and I am theirs, forever and always.

My favorite little boy in the whole world
My dainty little lady
The little loves of my life

A daughter. To the most amazing momma on the planet. A momma who suddenly and unexpectedly became a single momma to four children under the age of 10. A momma who had to find employment and sell her dream home to support her family after being a stay-at-home momma from the time her first born entered the world. A momma who is now an incredible Bammy to my babies. She has set the bar almost unreachably high, and I will spend my life doing my best to be the kind of momma she is. 

My momma
Our beloved Bammy

A sister. One of the things I am proudest of. My favorite friends in the whole world are my sisters. I want to be like them when I grow up. And I am the oldest sister.

The Meek sibs
The Owen-Luton-Meek-Peele sisters
 The Luton sisters (P.S. No more blonde hair. Ever.)

A doctor. I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology and went on to specialize in pediatric neuropsychology. Don’t know what this is? Don’t worry. I'm pretty sure my family and closest friends still have no idea what I do. A blog post for another day…I will say that it was a long road. One that involved living in Minnesota for a year. Away from my hub. One that involved putting in countless hours to achieve the 4.0 I graduated with, even though everyone told me grade point averages really don’t matter in graduate school. Perfectionist? Yes. Proud of this accomplishment? Yes. 

Being hooded
A proud day (Again, nice blonde hair, Linds)

A Southerner. I was born and raised in South Carolina. In many ways, though, I do not resemble the typical Southerner. I am not a Republican. I CANNOT STAND smocked children’s clothing (gasp!) and don’t even get me started on jon jon suits (barf). I hate to cook (absolute torture!). To me, watermelon, a summer staple below the Mason Dixon line, is tasteless. I do not garden nor do I have any desire to. HOWEVER, I do love long, hot summers and impeccable manners. I love a good Southern drawl and sweet tea. Monograms are a must, and football is my second religion (behind my first, which is Christianity). Oh, and my favorite word, behind momma, is y’all.
 True Southern Belle right here

An artist in my own right. No, I cannot paint, sculpt, nor draw. But I can bake a mean cupcake and am a student of cake decorating. One of my dreams? To own my own cakery one day. As well as my own party-planning business. A girl can dream, right?

Official cupcake testers
A craftaholic. If only there were more hours in the day. I have a craftastic wish list a mile long thanks to Pinterest (don’t we all?). I will tackle these projects, one at a time, one day or another.

Hi! Doc Momma here.
So that’s me. Let the adventure begin…


  1. Yay Lindsay! I'm excited to read your blog and see what you are up to in between our chats on the phone. Btw, I think I know what you do in your doctor job :), at least like 75% give or take. Love you!

    1. Thanks for reading, Jules. Now, if we can just get this neighbor thing worked out we can do a co-blog. :) Love you!

  2. Lindsay I love reading about you and your life now. How beautiful. I can still remember my sweet and more- popular than me neighbor who always walked up to my bus stop just to hang out. I also have many good memories of us discussing "deep things" in AP English . You are amazing and God has blessed you with such a full life. Congrats on all if your accomplishments. Proud of you! DFHS class of '99 was full of some pretty bright kids. I like to think our class was 'special'. It was definitely awesome.

    1. This is Megan Bowers Hunsaker btw :)

    2. Megan! Thank you for your sweet words. I gotta say, I just love looking at pictures of your precious Hannah Caroline. She is gorgeous, and you are absolutely glowing every time I see a picture of you with her. You were, without a doubt, made for motherhood.

      I have very fond memories of us trying to perfect our signatures and organizing our Hello Kitty character pencil boxes. :)

  3. loved this and loved reading and learning more about you....not that i really knew anything about you to begin with (besides being amanda's SIL) ;-)
    and even though you do not like smocked clothing, i guess i will still read and follow along -ha! :)
    ps - curious (and nosey)...i'm assuming you work in field related to your degree? just wondering what exactly that would be (you can absolutely tell me it's none of my business! offense taken!)

    1. Amy, I swear you would think I was a stalker if I passed by you and your girls on the street because I would run up to you like we were long, lost friends. I have been following your blog forever and love hearing about Libbi and Laney. :) We really should meet in real life one day. Ikea trip, anyone?!?

      Funny you should ask about my job because I have actually already written a post about it and am planning to publish it next week. I am a pediatric neuropsychologist and work at CHOA. More on that soon. Stay tuned... :)

    2. haha! i am ALL for an ikea trip (and some mutual blog stalking) ;-)
      and we LOVE CHOA...we have had the best experiences there. can't wait to read your post!

  4. Hi Dr.Luton I finally found you. I had the pleasure of having you evaluate my son Julian back in 2011 at CHOA he has Epilespy and it has been an ongoing battle within this GA school system especially in Cobb County. My goal was to have an updated Neuropsy eval last year and learned that you were no longer with CHOA and no one seemed to know where you went. Although I'm happy to see all the beautiful pictures of you and your family,because you look soooo HAPPY! I'm sad your'e not practicing anymore. I want you to know how much of an impression you left on me that day I met you with my son. For the first time I felt a doctor was actually listening to me and cared about helping my son. THANK YOU for your beautiful spirit! I've learned from your blog you are a Christian that probably explains why I had such a comfort in knowing you were going to assess him not pre-judge him or label him as so many children are especially African American boys to have behavioral problems. Do you have any recommendations of someone that care about their patients like you do that you can refer me to in Metro ATL. If you are practicing at all in SC I will travel. Much success to you as a wife,mom and MD. Thanks so much again.

    1. Hi there! Thank you so very much for your very kind words and sentiments. They mean more than you know! I remember you and your son well and certainly hope that the road has been a smooth one as he progresses through school. I am so sorry no one was able to tell you where I went when I left CHOA. We moved out of state and I chose to stay home with my young children for a few years; so, I am not currently practicing. I do intend to return to the field but not for several more years, and I know you are looking for help and guidance now. Someone I would very strong recommend is Dr. Juliana Bloom. She also used to work at CHOA but now has a private practice. Alternatively, Dr. David Marcus, who does still work in the CHOA Neuropsych Department, or Dr. Kristine Whigham, also at CHOA, are also phenomenal. I hope that helps! Please let me know if I can be of help in any other way! All the best to you and your sweet son.