Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet...My Hub

Bear with me while I brag. And I mean really brag. Because my hub is the best man I have ever known. Truly. Of course, we all have our faults, but I’d like to celebrate the best parts of him. I’ll save the faults for another day, when he is on my last nerve… :)

My hub is an amazing partner. And I don’t use that word lightly-he is my partner. We are equal. 50/50. We split household duties and parenting responsibilities. When one is down for the count the other takes up the slack. I love this about us. I love that, after 10 years of being together and 8 years of marriage, we know each other. I mean really know each other. A simple look is often all we need to communicate an entire conversation. I love him more today than ever before and am truly excited that we are still so early in our lifetime adventure together.

My handsome hub
 Love this man

My hub is the kind of daddy I could have only hoped and prayed for for my children. You should see how he looks at them. How excited he gets to watch them smile, to laugh, to learn new things, to discover the world. He completely lights up from the inside-out when he is with them. He takes such great care to cherish the moments he has with them, and I cherish the moments I get to witness him being a daddy. He is simply amazing. 

 My hub and his best buddy
 Already wrapped
My heart may just explode

My hub is a Christian. He is the spiritual leader of our family. One who patiently and willingly joined a small group with me when I was questioning my religious beliefs. One who never ridicules my lack of Biblical knowledge but instead takes the time to explain and teach. One who talks to our son about what he learns in his Sunday school class each week. One who is not afraid to sing along in church. One who patiently rocks and pacifies our daughter during the church service so that I have the opportunity to soak in the message. He is a Christian, and I am so proud of that. 

How blessed are my children...
  ...to have this man for their Daddy

My hub is extremely ambitious. He is always looking for the next great opportunity for himself and our family. From the second I leave with the kids in the morning until the second we arrive back home in the afternoon, he gives his job everything he’s got. Then, he is back at it again each night after I go to bed, often working until well after midnight. I am so proud of how hard he works for our family. I am a lucky momma.

My hub is passionate. Family? That's a given. My hub breathes family. And I am so blessed to be a part of his. Friend? You will never find a more devoted or loyal friend than my hub. Aren't I lucky that he just so happens to be my best friend. Clemson football? It just may be his love language. If the Tigers lose, you may want to keep your distance for awhile. If they win, cheers! Drinks all around. Republican politics? I have to admit that I truly respect his passion towards politics and his strive to better our country, even if we have different views on how that should be accomplished. 

True Tiger Fan
With his lifelong best friend, TJ, who just so happens to be married to my sister
With another of his closest friends, my big brother

My hub has an enormous heart. His heart is tugged by seeing others in unfair circumstances, and he will truly bend over backwards to help those in need (For example, offering to buy a meal when a homeless person approaches our car, whereas I am more than likely to pretend I am on my phone because I am sure that he/she is scamming me. Did I mention that he is a better person than me?). He has spoken of his goal to develop an organization to help those in need find new career opportunities, and I have no doubt that he will make this dream a reality at some point in our lives.  

Three generations of Luton men
Be still my heart
I could go on and on: My hub is a good son, a supportive brother, an involved uncle. He is funny, charismatic, hard-working, loyal, devilishly handsome, athletic, health-conscious. He is my hub and I love him more today than yesterday. There. Bragging session over.

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