Monday, November 5, 2012

If I'm Being Honest

If I'm being honest...

  • I suck at sleep training. Suck.At.It. It's why I have been forced to make my sweeter than sugar little girl cry it out on multiple occasions over the last couple of months. Bleh. I suck.
  • I am struggling with the thought of having to buy the "Suck-cess" that was recommended for my little buddy by the pediatrician to help curb his thumb-sucking habit. I am digging deep into my psychologist skill bag to try to and thwart the thumb sucking through behavioral methods. But so far? No dice. It just hurts my heart a little to think of painting his thumb with some nasty-tasting polish. But. I may have to if my behavioral efforts continue to fail...
  • I find GREAT joy in seeing the vacuum lines after our bi-monthly, top-to-bottom, house cleaning sessions. What is wrong with me? I am also itching to scrub my house down by the time each second Sunday arrives. What is wrong with me?
  • I am feeling just a little overwhelmed that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my precious baby girl's first birthday all fall back-to-back. Calm down, Lindsay. Calm down.
  • I wear the same pair of jeans almost (if not) every day of the work week. I blame it on the faded knees they boast from crawling around on the floor with my kids. If one pair is that worn down, why ruin another? And I find myself to be a much more productive and energetic momma if I am dressed, with make-up on and hair done (i.e., which typically means hair pulled back in a pony tail with my crazy, post-partum spiky hair going every which way), each day, even on the rare day that we don't leave the house.
  • I do not go a single day without taking at least 10 pictures. And that is probably a very low estimate. My problem is one of fear: I fear my kids are growing too fast. I fear I will forget these very, very precious seconds, minutes, hours, days if I don't capture as many moments as I can through photos. It is my way of coping. The thought of not having a camera nearby is anxiety-provoking for me. Honestly. I am certain some many most people don't care to see all my pictures, and I am pretty sure some many most people think I am obsessed/crazy. Doesn't bother me. I take pictures. I cope. 
  •  It DRIVES ME NUTS when people use incorrect grammar on Facebook, blog posts, emails, etc. Yes. I do it here. But solely for stylistic purposes. Not because I don't know it's incorrect (see what I just did there?). Drives.Me.Nuts. And yes, I realize I sound like a hypocritical writing snob. Just putting it out there.
  • I have a weekly goal of actually making, from scratch, one of our dinner meals. Yay me, right? Wrong. Just one meal. The rest generally consist of pre-made lasagnas, soups, chilis, fish sticks, and the like. I would just rather spend my days soaking up my kiddos than soaking up some recipe, ya know? My poor family and their exposure to processed-food-heavy-menu. I see a New Year's resolution in my future...
  • I have several "deep" blog posts I have been wanting to write. But. By the time I sit down to write, I am generally to tired to go there. Coming soon...

 Gotta love a little honesty, right?!?

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