Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just a Friendly Reminder

The pictures are slooooooowly coming in for the Idea. And for that, I want to say thank YOU. Seriously. This Idea is just not gonna happen without YOUR help. So. Thank YOU for those of YOU who have been contributing photos already.


Please, please, pretty please. With sugar on top. And a cherry. Please keep the pictures coming

Just as a friendly reminder, here is what I'm looking for

  • Sun surrounded by clouds
  • Pitcher of sweet tea with lemons
  • Bumbleebee
  • Butterfly (preferably on a flower)
  • Grass with dew or mist
  • Bullfrog in a puddle (yes, I know this is a tough one)
  • Lightening flash at night
  • Peach pie
  • Full moon
  • Front porch with a porch swing
  • Hummingbird on a flower (yep, another toughie)  
  • Shade from an oak tree
  • Rocking chair
  • Storm clouds
  • Autumn leaves in the trees/on ground
  • Fish in a stream (maybe the toughest of them all)
  • Stars and moon
  • Some type of berry field (strawberry?)
  • Ocean waves on the sand 
  • Quilt 
  • Embers and/or fire in a fireplace
And remember:

Please use the following hashtag for the photos: #morethanphoto.

Tag me when you post it (or go back and tag me if it's a photo you took before this Idea came along): @lindsayluton

Feel free to use any filter you choose to make the photo more striking and vibrant. This is what children are drawn to; so, filter away!

Also, the more the merrier! Please share, share, share this blog, this post, this Idea, with any and everyone of your choosing.

Y'all rock. Thank YOU. And keep 'em coming!



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