Sunday, May 11, 2014

There's The Momma

There's the Momma...

...Who single-handedly and unexpectedly raised four children when tragedy struck, who lives to make others happy, who has shown me my entire life what it means to be a momma and love with your whole heart, who gives me confidence when mine is shaky and reassures me when I have doubts. 

...Whose family I was lucky enough to marry into, who I consider not only an incredible grandparent to my children but a close and well-loved friend, whose love knows no limit when it comes to family and who knows what is truly important in life. 

...Who fought with all her might to bring another child into this world so that her daughter would come to know the endless bounds of a sibling's love, who supports others even when her own world is crashing around her, who exemplifies what it means to cherish each day with the little ones with whom we are gifted. 

...Who glows with the promise of impending motherhood, who loves her nieces and nephews like her own, who is the truest example of brains and beauty, who will undoubtedly prove to be the best kind of mother to her daughter, a true blessing from God.

...Who jumped into new motherhood with both feet, blanketed by the unmatched adoration only a momma knows for her baby, who supports those around her and embodies a selflessness that is exceedingly rare these days, whose loyalty and devotion to family and friends are things of beauty.

...Who works incredibly hard as a work-at-home momma to help provide for her family and show her children what it means to pursue your dreams, despite the many sleepless nights and sacrifices it may entail, who is as kind and thoughtful as she is creative, who loves her babies like only a momma can.

...Who is as patient and kind-hearted as they come, proving that mommas can be both made of steel and full of grace, who is always present and ready to support her children's dreams, spending her time supporting their pursuits but also demonstrating the importance of maintaining one's own social interests.

Happy Mother's Day to my favorite Mommas. 

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