Monday, May 26, 2014


I really, really love to write. I always have. It's why I never minded writing multiple long, complex, comprehensive, neuropsychological reports every week in my career as a pediatric neuropsychologist. Each report was like a new assignment in creative writing. So. When I became a stay-at-home momma, one of the reasons I was excited to start this blog was because it allowed me the opportunity to re-visit my love of writing, albeit in a less neuroanatomical and more autobiographical way. 


Fast forward to now, when we are one month into life as a family of five. Life is overflowing with love and laughs and frustration and tears and joy and fatigue and blessings and transitions. Life is short on time and time and more time. So. My blog takes a back seat and I put my love on writing on hold for awhile. 


As I've said, I still want to document this chapter as best I can while not sacrificing the time I spend focusing on what matters most to me during this, the most special and precious time of my life. So. Here I sit, while all three of my babies sleep, and my hub works, and I can manage to hold my eyelids open for a few (free) moments before drifting off to sleep. 

There is so much I want to say and share and show about what our days look like right now. About the moments I am treasuring and the struggles I am having. About what I love most about my life right now and what I do not. 

Instead, though, I will share a photographic essay, if you will, of why my time is being spent elsewhere these days. 

It's because of...


...and her...

...and them...

...and US.

And I think those are pretty good excuses. Back soon...

P.S. All photographs by my incredible friend, Volree, of Volree Wade Photography. 

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  1. Oh love!!! The pictures are beautiful!!
    Enjoy your new littlest Lu.
    Soak it all in.
    And sleep ;)
    Writing will always be there.