Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

Whelp, things are going as expected over here in the land of the newborn + preschooler + toddler. Things continue to be crazy and busy and chaotic, as expected, but also chock full of amazing sibling moments, as hoped for. 

That being said, a few ramblings from my non-stop, ever-running, multi-tasking mind: 

Banks had his last teeball game of the 2014 season over the weekend. I can't believe that! I feel like the season just started. To say he and his teammates showed progress from the start to end of the season is a total understatement. Sure, they still threw the ball to home instead of first sometimes and watched hard-hit balls sail between their legs sometimes, but every child on the team no longer ran after every ball that was hit and they ran the right way to first base and some (ahem, Banks, among others) managed to NAIL the ball when at bat most times. All in all, a very successful season for our little buddy. Next long, teeball, hello coaches pitch!

Banks and his best buddy, Cooper

I'd like to give a quick shout out to Harris Teeter for their amazing online shopping, allowing  me to place my grocery order online, schedule the pick-up time, and then have the groceries paid for and loaded while I sit in the car with my 3-week-old, 2-year-old, and 4-year-old. This not only allows me to save what is left of my sanity but also to protect the littlest Lu from germs. Win-win! Thank you, Harris Teeter. Thank you. TOTALLY worth the $5 charge. 

I thought I'd share the name we planned to use had Baby Lu turned out to be a girl instead of our sweet Harrison Robert [side note: how in the world did I ever think I was having a girl? Of COURSE Baby Lu was a boy!]. Anywho, had Baby Lu been a girl, her name would have been Hattie Ann, with the name Hattie being a sweet Southern name my hub and I both love and Ann being the middle name of my Momma and one of my sisters. But alas. No Hattie. No Ann. Instead, this sweet little fella:

We finished up our newborn/family photo shoot this weekend with one of my closest Fort Mill friends, who just so happens to be an amazing photographer (Volree Wade Photography). I cannot WAIT to see how the photos turned out! She also just so happens to be pregnant with her third baby (her first little girl! yippee!), and I am so excited to being co-hosting a shower for her one weekend in June and then co-hosting a shower for my youngest sister the following weekend. Babies, babies everywhere, and I LOVE it!

Speaking of teensy, tiny, itsy, bitsy bit of info I have yet to share here. Oh nothing. Just that: MY OTHER SISTER IS HAVING A BABY!!!! After several losses and questions and prayers and hopes and dreams and prayers and tears and why's and prayers and wishes and crossed fingers and prayers...MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!! This means that ALL FOUR of my biological siblings and I will welcome babies in 2014. This also means that, for eight amazing weeks, I got to be pregnant with BOTH of my sisters, a lifelong dream come true. All this to say: God is good. Hallelujah! Thank you, sweet Jesus. 

With my sisters, the night before Harrison was born

More exciting news: My step-sister is getting married this weekend! I am so excited for her and all the excitement this weekend will bring. Not only has she never been happier (she actually seems to float when around her fiancĂ©), but we'll be surrounded by family and friends, from near and far, all weekend as we celebrate their nuptials. While my older son (ahhh!! I have two sons!) will be serving as the ring bearer at the wedding, my younger son (ahhh!! I have two sons!) will be skipping the wedding and soaking up time with his Nana, my mother "in law", at my parents' home. It should be a fun weekend for all, one full of love and celebration. And Fireball. Let's not forget the Fireball. ;)

As expected, one of the things that I struggle to adjust to as we continue our transition into a family of five is not having as much one-on-one time as I am used to with my sweet Raleigh Jane. I remember I experienced the same feelings with Banks after Raleigh was born (and thus, my solo time with him was decreased): that even though the newly promoted older sibling could be sitting right in front of me, I missed him and our only time together. It's the same with my Rals. I miss her. Luckily, we have an awesome daddy who has been sub-ing in for me when much of my time is spent nursing Harrison. And while there's nothing like a Momma and her girl, I'd say Daddy, especially this Daddy, is a pretty close second: 

Things are getting back to (our new) normal around here, with the last of our family help ending mid-week, last week. This will be my first solo week with my three babies, with my hub heading out of town a couple different days this week. Prayers for smooth sailing appreciated. They may be small and adorable. But. I am out-numbered. By three. Ha!

Devious plotting? I hope not...

And just like that, nap time is over, which means blog time is over, which means my ramblings are over. Until next time...

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