Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday: Newborn Haze Edition

Helloooooo, all! I thought I'd pop in for a quick Five on Friday since it's been several weeks since I linked up for one, thanks to all the newborn craziness in these parts. I will say that I hope to get back to some sort of regular blogging soon. I feel all disorganized and discombobulated as far as documenting the comings and goings of our little family, which is what is most important to me when it comes to blogging. Hopefully, as our sweet newborn continues (fingers crossed!) to give us longer stretches of sleep, I won't be going to bed at 9pm every night and can maybe find some regular time to write again. Or maybe not. I guess time will tell...

Anywho. Off we go!

My littlest guy officially turned one month old last Sunday. How in the world did that happen?!? He had his one month well check earlier this week and looks perfectly healthy, praise the Lord! He weighed in at 10 pounds, 1.5 ounces and was 21.5 inches tall. This means he's gained over 2 pounds and and 1/2 inch since his birth! What a milk machine! :) Although we've been battling some mean ol' gas pains, he just melts our hearts day in and day out. Happy One Month, sweet Harrison! 

We traveled out of town last weekend for my stepsister's wedding, the last of my five siblings to tie the knot. The weekend was filled with lots of celebratory fun, from the bridesmaid luncheon and rehearsal dinner to the actual wedding itself. Raleigh and I even snuck out, along with my Momma, sisters, and niece, for a girls-only pedicure! We had family travel from near and far, and the weather was absolutely perfect for the outdoor, lake-side affair. Banks rocked in his third gig as a ring bearer, and both he and Raleigh danced the night away as the band played on. Meanwhile, Harrison enjoyed a more relaxing evening at my parents house with his Nana and Pop (my "in laws"), who were so kind and gracious to come up for the day/night to take care of our littlest Lu. All in all, our first traveling weekend as a family of 5 was a smashing success!

We got back in town from our weekend away just in time to celebrate Memorial Day (I'm a poet and didn't even know it. Remember that ha-larious line from childhood?). We are lucky to live in a neighborhood that has an AWESOME pool, which serves as the backdrop for three fun neighborhood parties throughout the summer, the first of which being to kick off the summer on Memorial Day. There's food and (adult) bevs available for the party-goers as well as lots of fun pool games for patrons of all ages (including soda dives for the youngest participants and beer dives for the adults). We headed to the pool mid-morning on Monday and met up with a big group of our closest neighborhood friends and began an afternoon of eating, drinking, swimming, and socializing. It was a blast! 

My hub and I have been going back and forth, back and forth, about cutting Banks' hair. I strongly opposed the cut--I LOVE my little buddy's Bieber-esque hair!--but my hub was dying to buzz Banks' hair for the summer. He argued that it would be much cooler for the hot summer temps (True.), easier to manage (True. Banks has the thickest head of hair I have EVER seen on a child), and he would look adorable no matter the hairstyle (True.). So. When Banks agreed with his Daddy and begged to have his hair buzzed, how could I say no? I'm not going to lie: My hormonal self was a hot mess before, during, and after the cut. He instantly aged YEARS, and my Momma heart is just not ready for that. But. Both my hub and Banks absolutely love it. And while I miss his long locks, I'm happy that they are happy. And that's what's important, right? Well, that and the fact that it was a one-time buzz only. :) 

Later today, Banks and Raleigh will be headed out of town for a grandparent weekend with my "in laws" while my hub and I stay home with our littlest kiddo. I know Banks and Raleigh are excited, not only to see their Nana and Pop but also to go to to their cousins' birthday party. I know Nana and Pop are excited to soak up time with our oldest two. But. I am already a little sad they'll be gone this weekend. While it will certainly be much quieter and less chaotic with only one little fella to hang with, I miss them already! Still, I have always said that I think it is SO important for little ones to spend time away from their parents every so often. It's why my hub and I make it a point to go on out of town trips with each other, and with our own friends, several times each year (well, that, and it's good for our own sanity and social life!). So. I'm sure this will be a really fun weekend for all, for several good reasons. Regardless, I'll be so happy to see them on Sunday!

And with that, I wish you the happiest of weekends. Enjoy!

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