Friday, November 14, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: The Holidays Are Here! Edition

Friday again so soon? Looks like it! Which means, time for us to pull up a chair, pour a fresh cup of piping hot coffee, and sip away while we spill the beans about our weeks. 

YOU first. How are all things you and yours? 

My turn? Okay then. I would share with you that...

...after welcoming my sweet new nephew to the family just over a week ago, we had so much fun with our cousins in Loganville to close out our Georgia trip. My kiddos just love playing with their cousins, and I don't think they could've had any more fun together! I think the highlight of the visit for them was a trip to a local game ranch, where they were able to feed a number of animals, including black bears, and walk around a large nature trail. It was fun for all ages!

...we concluded our week away with a wedding in Athens, Georgia. My hub's cousin got married, and almost all of the family was there. It was so much fun!!! We were asked not to bring children, which was totally fine, because they had a blast at their cousins' house while hanging with two babysitters. Meanwhile, we grownups danced, drank, and ate our way through the night. It was a ball!

...I made a roast! For dinner! That was good! You may think this is not blog-worthy. But. I am 33 years old. This is the first roast I have ever made. My entire life. Have I mentioned I am not much of a chef in the kitchen? ;) I am so proud-ha! 

...on Wednesday evening, I went to my favorite neighborhood event of the year. It's a party called "My Favorite Things," and the premise is that you bring five of the same gift, that cost $6 or less. All of the items are then assigned a number and put on display on tables around the hostess's house. Each party guess then randomly draws five numbers from a basket and gets to take the items corresponding with those numbers home. So basically, you end up with five items that are other people's favorite things. And of course, the wine is flowing and the dessert treats are devoured as the party guests chat away. It is so fun! I ended up taking wine tumblers with a mini bottle of wine as my "favorite thing." I ended up bringing home (1) some chocolate and a reusable grocery bag with a discount for local grocery shopping, (2) an awesome crystal nail file from Sephora, (3) nail polish in a pretty Fall hue, (4) the BEST loaf of cinnamon bread from a local bakery, and (5) a gift card to Amelie's (a French bakery). Score!!! And so fun! 

...I have just had this sense of calm this week. After being out of town all last week, even though we had a great time, it sure was nice to come home. While the holidays are certainly a busy time for us, I have just felt calm and relaxed ever since we got back. For whatever reason, it just hit me that the most important thing that is ever on my "to do" list is always less important than spending quality time with my children. So. I've been soaking it in this week and enjoying this newfound sense of zen. And relishing my moments with these three: of our dear friends from college is also an extremely talented artist. We have wanted to have one of his paintings hanging in our home for the longest time. So. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that his latest masterpieces was going to be a part of an auction to benefit his church in Greenville, South Carolina. I quickly inquired as to whether or not we could bid from afar and then proceeded to do just that. I'm so happy to report that our bid ended up winning! I just dropped off the amazing painting to be professionally framed and should be able to pick it up next week. I cannot wait to have this piece hanging in our dining room and will certainly share a photo of it as soon as it's so that  I can share how amazing his talent truly is. Thank you so much, Gash! We will treasure it forever!

...We are excited to have a weekend at home, especially since we'll be gone four of the next five weekends! Tonight, we'll be hosting some of our college friends, and their three adorable boys, for dinner. Tomorrow will include a play date for Banks with one of his best buddies, who's momma just so happens to be one of my best buddies, and who also happen to be moving into their new house in our neighborhood this weekend!!! We'll also be cheering on our beloved Tigers before taking dinner to some good friends who welcomed their third baby, a sweet little girl, recently. We'll round out the weekend with church, a Daddy/Banks date to the Marvel Universe LIVE! (aka Super Heroes) show in Charlotte, and then family photos on Sunday (should the weather cooperate!). Whew!  

And with that, I'd wish you the happiest of weekends and shout from the roof tops: GO TIGERS! BEAT THE JACKETS! See y'all next week! 

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