Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall Bucket List -- Check!

We have been busy the last couple of months checking items off our Fall Bucket List. Seeing as how the temp is going to be IN THE TEENS at least one morning this week, it's a pretty in-your-face reminder that winter is just around the corner. So. I thought this was just as good a time as any to share what items we managed to check off our list this autumn. There are a couple things that we just weren't able to squeeze in (apple picking--maybe next year?!) and a couple I still hope to accomplish by the end of the month (homemade pie!). But. I think we've been doing a pretty good job of hitting up all things autumn:

Visit a pumpkin patch: CHECK
Between field trips and our own annual family trip to the Fall Frolic, we accomplished this one several times over. 

Go on a hayride: CHECK
Again, we were able to do this one a few different times between field trips and the "Creepy  Crawl" our 'hood hosts each year to check out Halloween decorations.

Visit a corn maze: CHECK
Rals loved doing this with her school buddies this year.

Fall Scavenger Hunt: CHECK
The two littlest Lus went on our annual Halloween Hunt around the neighborhood and had a ball (Don't tell big brother! He was at school.)!

Make s'mores: CHECK
I have a new favorite fall tradition: hosting a post-trick-or-treating s'mores bar. It's yummy and fun for all ages!

Hike; Picnic at the Dairy Barn: CHECK and CHECK
So, right across the road from our neighborhood is the beautiful greenway, which includes a very picturesque area called the dairy barn. We love to visit in the spring and fall, when the temps are just right, which also proves the perfect time and location for a little dinner picnicking. 

Paint Pumpkins: CHECK
Another item we make an effort to do each year. This year's lovely works of art rounded out our Halloween mantle decor. Cheap, easy, homemade art? My fave. 

Bake a new cupcake: CHECK
Anyone who knows me knows I looooove to bake. So. I was really excited to make a new cupcake recipe from scratch: pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing. And they were gooooooood. Thank you, Pinterest, for the bajillion pumpkin spice cupcake recipes you had floating around throughout October. 

Make a thankful wreath: CHECK
This is another tradition we do each year. This year, we take turns every other day having Banks or Raleigh tell me something they are thankful. I love hearing what pops out of their mouths each morning. <3

Have a leaf photo shoot: CHECK
My photo-lovin' self had fun with this one. And so did Raleigh!

So. There you have it. We made our list short, and therefore, easily achievable ;) this year and had a great time checking off our activities. A few other items completed but not photographed: make warm apple cider, create leaf art, and watch a Halloween movie. I think it's safe to say we've thoroughly enjoyed our Autumn-azing adventures. Next stop, Winter Fun-derland. Ha! 

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