Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Am Thankful For...

This man, the anchor of our family, who is always a rock solid, steady, supportive presence in our lives, one who keeps us afloat but is always ready to shake things up and rock the boat, bringing fun wherever he goes.

Today. This day that I am living right now. In light of loss that has happened both within my own family and in my own neighborhood, I am reminded that life is beautiful, whether lived 93 years or 5 years. I am thankful for this day with my people.

This life-loving buddy, who enjoys every ounce of every day and is a kind, thoughtful, and loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, student, and friend.

My shelter--the roof over our heads, one that not only keeps us warm and dry but will also come to represent the place where childhood memories were made.
This mischevious lady with the golden curls and the twinkle in her eye, who loves all-things-girly...almost as much as she loves her family.

My family--both by blood and by marriage--each composed of different people, different personalities, different ways of life, different perspectives, but who are exactly the same in the value placed on love and family. 

This beautiful, bashful little blessing, the last piece to our family puzzle, who brightens any room he is in and adores his people.

My friends--those I've known for 30+ years; those I've known for 30 days. My life is fuller and more blessed by these special people, who help me grow--in faith, in love, in life. 

My faith--all of these blessings, ALL of them, are owed to my Savior. My thankfulness abounds. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all, from our little turkeys to yours. <3

(P.S. Photos by my dear friend and amazing photographer, Volree, of Volree Photography)


  1. These new photos are just so great!! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Mariah! I can't wait to share our family photo in our Christmas card. Even though it's always just a *tad* stressful leading up to, and during, the photo session, I am always so thankful to have these moments captured in time. <3