Monday, November 10, 2014


All aboard the crazy train. We are now leaving the station...


***We never carved our pumpkin because, well, I totally forgot about it.

***I found out I have some food allergies--chicken, rice, pork, lettuce, and chocolate! It sounds crazy. But. Apparently, my diet is so flooded with these foods that my body has built up an allergy to them. Oops. 

***I put perfume on before I go to bed. Even when my hub is out of town. There's something about smelling nice before my head hits the pillow that I love.

***The first thing I eat in the morning and the last thing I eat before bed is chocolate. See food allergy issue above. 

***I bought a Christmas gift for Raleigh right in front of her the other day but distracted her by pulling a, "Look! There's Santa!" There really was Santa...okay, so maybe he was a small statue, but still. Mission accomplished.

***Even when I know I won't see a single soul besides my children some days, I still wear make-up. Every single day.

***We've lived in our home for two years. I STILL have yet to decorate one single bit in our Master bedroom. I am totally intimidated by decorating "grown up" spaces.

***I still get very uncomfortable by my fellow church-goers who are so moved during the music portion of the program that they feel the need to raise their arms in the spirit of all things Jesus. I'll bee-bop along with the best of 'em. But. I am just not an arm-raiser. 

***I cannot stand television shows about infidelity. Won't give them the time of day. Except. Well. Okay, so there's this new Showtime show called "The Affair." I know, right?! Terrible. Just awful. Only...I love it. NOT the affair taking place. It's the unique storyline that has me absolutely hooked. 

***I think I'm actually pretty good at singing Disney princess songs. I was belting them out with Rals the other day and picturing myself on a stage near you. Sadly, this will remain a private showing for now. 

***I have that momma ache to have another baby, even though my Harrison is only 6 months old. Yes, that door is officially closed. C-L-O-S-E-D. We are a happy family of 5. And honestly? I think that even if I had eight more children, that ache would never go away. So. I focus on each moment, big and small, with my last baby, and look forward to the adventures to come. But still? The ache remains.

***I get caught up in such trivial things some times: What will we wear for family photos? Which thank you cards should I order? I know that these are such dumb, irrelevant, first-world problems, and it really bothers me that I get wrapped up in such small details.

***I feel discombobulated if my bed isn't made each day, first thing in the morning. 


We have arrived at our sanity-deprived destination. I think I've shared enough of my crazy for now...

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