Friday, January 23, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: He's Home!!! Edition


My hub has been gone since Monday morning. All week. Gone. And he finally gets back tonight. I cannot WAIT to see him, and I know three kiddos who may be even more excited than me!!! What's more, we have not one.single.thing. scheduled this weekend, and I could not be happier to see where it takes us! 

Anywho. Were we to meet for coffee this morning, I'm sure the excitement in the air would be palpable. Although a little alone time is nice sometimes, I am always, always happier when my hub is in town. I've missed his company. So. For this coffee date, I'd be looking forward to your company! First, I'd ask about YOU and yours and your plans and your week and your weekend before sharing the following about me and mine:

...That we had a pretty low key week, but one filled with fun nonetheless. The kids and I are in a really good place right now. Although I am definitely physically exhausted by the end of the day, especially when my hub is gone (I was asleep by 8:45 pm one night, 9:30 pm the next, and 8:15 pm last night!), I have been so proud of how well my littles have been behaving lately. Sure, we have our moments. I mean, I have a sensitive, rule-abiding 5-year-old, a breezy, push-all-buttons 3-year-old, and a mobile (and fast!!!) 8-month-old. But. We are just in a good place. I know that there are different phases of childhood and parenting, but we have just hit our stride lately and are having a ball together. I am very aware that new challenges can arrive at any given time, but for now, I am really enjoying where I am and having my little trio alongside me. 

...That we had GLORIOUS weather this week and spent every spare moment we could outside: before naps, after naps, in the evening. It was awesome. We grabbed ice cream for lunch one afternoon as a reward for my kiddos making so many good choices lately and pushed back naps other days so we could soak in all the extra sunshine. We had a picnic lunch, played baseball and tennis in the backyard, took our babies on walks, and played on the swings. We rode around in Banks' car, jumped on the trampoline, explored the grass, played with neighbors, and just enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine. It was beautiful. Although the forecast is looking rainy and coldy over the next few days, I'm hoping for more Spring-like weather again soon!

...That Banks and Raleigh attended a half-day camp in our neighborhood on Monday (MLK Day). I was a little nervous about how Raleigh would do, since this was the first time she's been old enough to attend one of the camps. She was nervous, too. But then? Then she realized that Banks would be there and her fears melted away. It was the sweetest thing. And they had the best time! 

Meanwhile, I soaked up a little more solo time with my little Buster. 

...That I had an amazing talk with Banks after he came home from the camp about race relations. They had listened to the "I have a dream" speech and he walked to talk about what Dr. King meant when he talked about "white people" and "black people." It lead to a really awesome conversation, one I never anticipated having with my 5-year-old, but one I loved nonetheless. It was such a great reminder that I am responsible for helping to shape his worldview, and what a powerful and important responsibility that is.  

And with that, I would wish you the best weekend yet as we cruised off into the sunset. Have a great one!

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