Friday, January 30, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: So Long, January Edition

Whoop! Whoop! It's Friday, y'all. Also, how in the WORLD will January already be over by the end of the weekend? Huh? Wasn't it just Christmas yesterday? Cuh-razy. Anywho. 

Who's down for some coffee? This girl.

Were we to meet up for our caffeinated date today, I would want to hear about YOUR week, your life, your thoughts, your ideas, your plans. I would then share the following about me: 

...that last Saturday night, my hub and I snuck out for a burger, a beer, and a movie (and buttered movie popcorn, of course. But. That's a given). The movie du jour? American Sniper. We had to. Everyone's been saying how great it is. These days, we rarely go to movies (as in once, maybe, twice a year). So. It's got to be something special to draw us there. Whelp. I can now say: American Sniper is something special. Graphic and raw and real. And good. Really, really good. I definitely recommend it. 

...that some of my favorite Fort Mill friends and I headed to dinner Monday night for belated birthday celebrations for my girlfriend, V, and I. It was great food, great company, and great fun. And we've already got our next Momma's Night Out planned in just a few weeks. Can't wait! 

...that Banks and Raleigh both had pajama parties at school this week. Not only do they get super excited about special school days like this, but I don't have to get them dressed for these particular parties. Just roll out of bed and they're dressed for the day. Win-win. Ha! :) 

...that tomorrow, my little Harrison and I will be headed to Charleston for the day to celebrate my precious niece's first birthday. Hip, Hip, Hooray. I still vividly remember being on FaceTime with my parents and sister while they waited in the hospital waiting room and seeing my big brother walk into the room to announce the sex of his first baby. I was CERTAIN it was a boy. So. When he said "It's a girl!" there was shock, there were tears, and there was my big brother, a puddle of love over his precious baby girl, Addison. It was a moment I will never forget. And tomorrow, we will help celebrate her first year of life. Such a special day! <3

...that, meanwhile, Banks has a movie theater birthday party tomorrow for one of his good buddies and my hub decided this was the perfect opportunity to take Raleigh to her first ever movie. It should be a memorable and fun day for all!  

...that, last but not least, our sweet, sweet Harrison turned 9 months last Sunday. I am just not sure what in the world we ever did without our Harrison. Our little Buster is such a ray of sunshine. He adores his Banks and Raleigh. He just loves being where they are--he laughs the hardest with them and loves to watch them and "talk" to them. He gets so excited when we pick them up from school! 

Harrison had his 9-month check-up yesterday (and Rals had her 3-year: she's doing great!!). 

While Harrison is growing, getting taller, gaining weight, and is perfectly healthy, his percentiles did fall on the growth curve. :( Some of this is undoubtedly due to the fact that he is in CONSTANT motion (crawling everywhere; pulling up all.the.time.; cruising; walking behind his push toy; etc.), he still didn't gain quite as much as I would feel comfortable with (although, interestingly, his growth pattern, even the amount of weight he's gained over the last 3 months, mirrors Banks' and Raleigh's almost exactly at this age!). So. We'll be upping the amount of solids he's taking in and making sure I am producing enough breastmilk. I have worked so hard to breastfeed him since birth and am determined to push through these last 3 months to make it to a year, just as I did with Banks and Raleigh. Any breastfeeding momma knows what a sacrifice this is. Breastfeeding is a job. A hard job. An exhausting job. And Harrison and I had to fight for it in the beginning, when I had to go dairy- and soy-free due to his protein allergy. I've had mastitis as well as multiple blocked ducts. I've had to find time to pump to make sure he is still getting his momma milk when I'm away later this month. But. We've made it this far. So. We'll close out this journey together, and I'll do everything I can in my power to make sure he is packing on those lbs and continuing to be his joyful, jubilant self. What a delight this precious little boy is. He babbles like crazy. Imitates some animal sounds. And has the most infectious laugh. He is pure unfiltered happiness, this little fella. And we love him so.

Whew! And with that, I would say that I hope you have a warm, cozy, and memorable weekend. I'll try to have the same! See you next week. :) 

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