Friday, January 2, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Hello, 2015! Edition


Welcome to a new year and a new blog post! Coffee, coffee, who wants some coffee?! Were we to meet up for some caffeinated brew this morning, I'd be sipping out of my lovely new mug. I just love drinking coffee out of beautiful mugs, and I now make it a point to pick up a new one on each trip that we take and each special occasion we celebrate. So. I'd offer you a pretty mug, too, before shouting out HAPPY NEW YEAR, and then delving into all things YOU. After hearing about your celebrations from the week, your highs, your lows, your in-betweens, I'd share the following about yours truly:

...that, I must start by saying, GOOOO TIGERS!!! We had a ball with neighbors cheering on our Clemson Tigers to victory over those Oklahoma Sooners. What a great way to end the season!

...that we had a wonderful day welcoming in the new year! As is our little family tradition, the kids counted down 'til 12....noon that is!...and we toasted with sparkling cider while donning party hats and spraying silly string. We spent the day baking, and playing, and squeezing out the last bit o' fun in our own house before heading over to that of some dear friends'. We dined on BBQ straight off the Green Egg and lots of southern fixins'. We had a sitter there to help corral the 12 kids from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, while we grown-ups played a few games and drank a few bevs. I ended the night with a kiss from my hub (our 13th New Year's kiss!) and welcomed in 2015. 

...that I forgot to share the recipe for the yummy treat I made for the super fun treats exchange I attended amid all the holiday hustle and bustle. My first attempt was a complete and total BUST. I followed the recipe to a T but it was just a bad recipe, apparently (as I saw in the comments section of the blog where I found the recipe after I made them. Oops). Pinterest fail. Luckily, I had enough ingredients on hand to make a second treat, and it was scrumptious: Salted Caramel Shortbread Squares. Oh.My.Word. Although this may be cruel to post now, seeing as how many people resolve to eat healthier once January hits, maybe save them for a rainy day when you've earned a little splurge? 

...that I also have been meaning to share one of the beautiful gifts my sweet, sweet hub gave me for my birthday. He knew that I had been coveting a Sam Sidney Illustrations family portrait on wood. But. He decided to make it even more hand-painting one himself. I cannot tell y'all how much I ADORE this beautiful piece of artwork that now proudly sits atop our mantle. I just love it so much!

...that my beautiful baby girl turns THREE on Monday. THREE!!! We are having a small but special birthday party for our girl (read: five 3-year-old guests). This is the first time I have ever really farmed the party out to a different venue other than my home, which has made party prep VERY minimal and super easy. I am making a few favors and her cake and calling it a day-ha! But. I still think it will be a very special occasion for my Rals. Of course, I'll be sharing lots of party pics soon and will be celebrating my sweet girl with a few posts over the next week few weeks. 

...that after a December calendar that looked like this...

this should be an easy, breezy weekend for our crew. Banks originally had two birthday parties scheduled for this weekend but both were moved to next weekend, which means there is zip, zero, zilch on our calendar at this point, besides delivering dinner to some close friends who just welcomed their sweet baby girl! So. Who knows what the weekend holds. An unplanned, laid back, long weekend to kick off 2015--I'll take it! I'm definitely hoping for lots of this:

And with that, I would gather our empty mugs and say that I hope your 2015 is off to a fantastic start and that you have a wonderful last weekend before school break ends. See you soon!


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