Friday, February 6, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: DISNEY!!!!!!!!! Edition

Mouska-Hey, Mouska-Hi, Mouska-Ho! 

If we were to meet for coffee this morning, you would probably notice me doing back handsprings all around the room. Yes. I am one PUMPED momma today. That's because, in 48 hours, my hub and my two oldest kiddos are Disney bound!!!!!!!!!! 

So. I may not even need the caffeine today because I'm pretty perked up on excitement alone! :) We took Banks to Disney exactly 2 years ago...

...and it was one of the best trips of my entire life. Pure magic, I tell ya. We left Raleigh at home back then with plans to return in two years when she was a little older, and that time has finally come! We plan to do the same in another 2.5 years or so when Harrison is a little older, but for now, it'll be just the four of us headed to Disney while Harrison logs some fun, one-on-one time with his Bammy back home. 

After our last trip to Disney back in February 2013, I wrote some very detailed blog posts for my future self (and others looking for tips), and it has been so fun to go back and read them. It is also help make the preparations, packing, and planning for the trip SO much easier! If you are planning a trip to Disney anytime soon, I strongly recommend that you take a look at those posts, especially here.

Before we hit the road, however (yes, we are driving this time), a few other highlights from our week:

...that Harrison and I had a ball down in Charleston last Saturday to help celebrate my niece's first birthday: 

Meanwhile, Banks had a great time at his good buddy's 6th birthday party, and Raleigh absolutely loved her first movie date with her daddy. A fun day for all!

...that I took my trio to the dentist this week for check-ups. Actually, since Harrison has YET to sprout any teeth, he sat this one out but was a very patient non-patient during the appointments. :) The check-ups went well for my older two. I was so proud of Banks for being a model patient and showing Raleigh how to be brave, and I was so proud of Raleigh for being brave even though she felt scared. She had tears for about 3 seconds but then put on a brave face as soon as I grabbed her little hand. Cavity-free is the place to be, right, Dr. Aunt Whit?! :)

...that I went ahead and got Banks' and Raleigh's valentines for their school friends ready this week since we'll be gone most of next week. I made the same ones as last year (free printable here; fun straws purchased from the Target party section in packs of 12). I think they turned out really cute! 

...that something pretty scary happened to me two nights ago. I was home alone with my kiddos (since my hub was gone from Wednesday morning through tonight) and suddenly, out of nowhere, I got an ocular migraine. At the time, I didn't know what was happening. My vision just started getting crazy in one eye (fan-like, bursts of light followed by a blindspot in my periphery). I also felt "off" and started to panic, especially being home alone with my babies at the time and feeling like I was going to pass out. Luckily, my amazing aunt and uncle live in the neighborhood and were standing in my kitchen within 5 minutes. My strange, monocular, visual disturbance was gone within 20-30 minutes (although the dull headache remained until well into yesterday). Regardless, I am just so very thankful to have them come to my rescue as well as a solid network of supportive friends who live in my neighborhood and assured me they are ready to drop everything and head over should this happen again. Whew. I am also grateful that this happened while I was home, as the kids and I had been out on the road just moments before. God was definitely looking out for us that day. Yes, I am feeling very blessed, thankful, and grateful for good health and great family and friends. 

...that we have fun plans for a play date for Raleigh with two of her sweet girlfriends this morning and then we'll be having dinner with friends tonight. And tomorrow, I'm so excited to be trying out my first Pure Barre class. I am so thankful for all the great feedback and tips I got with regard to Operation: Tone Up, from all you awesome people out there, and my dancer-self can't wait to try out the Barre tomorrow!

...that we'll be in final Disney packing and prep mode the rest of the weekend until we hit the rode at 7:00 am SHARP Sunday morning (and yes, creepers out there, our home will be occupied, safe, and guarded during our time away). ;)

And with that, while curbing my handsprings for a moment, I would ask about YOUR week and what you're looking forward to this weekend. I would also apologize for my absence from the blog next week but would promise to return the following week with lots of details, photos, tips, tricks, and Disney excitement! I would also go ahead and apologize for the Instagram overload that will be happening on my feed next week. But. I am just a teensy tiny, itsy bitsy, wee bit EXCITED!!!!!! Can you tell?!? 

See you back here soon, friends! Have a great one! 

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