Friday, February 27, 2015

Coffee Date Friday: Snow Bust Edition

Hi there! Welcome to (virtual) Coffee Date Friday! We had cancelled/delayed school every day last week. We had cancelled/delayed school two days this week. So. Yes. You could say I need some coffee this morning, and likely, with a little healthy splash of Bailey's. ;)

On that note, I would first ask about YOU. About what your weather has looked like the last two weeks. About what you've been up to since we last chatted. About what the weekend holds. After being properly saturated in all things you, I would share the following:

...that Monday was a good day. Monday was dinner out with girlfriends on a cold night. It does my heart GOOD to have Momma Nights Out, and we have now started a monthly MNO, where we dine out, drink wine, share advice, laugh a lot, and enjoy the joy that is great girlfriends. I'm already looking forward to our dinner next month.

...that we started the week with a little snow. Which is funny, because we had no snow all last week and yet the kids had cancelled/delayed school every day, yet we actually got snow this week but school was still in session...the first day at least. This meant that Harrison and I got to enjoy his first ever snow together, just the two of us, and then Banks and Raleigh joined in the fun and made grass snow angels as soon as we pulled in the driveway from preschool pick-up. I just love a (temporary) winter wonderland.

But then? Then Wednesday night happened. Then the BIG SNOW of 2015 was promised. Five to eight inches they said. Get your sleds ready they said. So. We did what an good Southerner would do: hit the liquor store and made plans for lots of snow fun with neighbors. And then woke up to this:

Womp Womp. I was seriously SO bummed. But. I wanted to make sure the kiddos still had a fun day at home with Momma. So. I busted out a couple new toys I had secretly confiscated immediately after they unwrapped them on Christmas morning. We logged lots of reading time and play time together. And then, while they napped/room-timed, I set up a little surprise in the playroom...their own streamer-beam obstacle course. It was a hit! Take that snow bust of 2015. 

...That I have a new obsession. I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again: Pure Barre. The absolute best workout I've ever had. I've been hitting it hard the last week and I can't get enough. I've never felt my muscles burn so much I want to cry. About mid-way through each class, I swear I'm never coming back, and then as soon as it's over, I can't wait for the next one. If you live in the vicinity of a Pure Barre, I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try. And it's even more fun when you go with a group of girlfriends! 

...That the super-duper fun and exciting news I keep annoyingly mentioning will be revealed by the end of the weekend. Make sure you check back here. It'll benefit YOU!

...And, last but not least, my baby boy, who stole what was left of my heart with the first breath he took, just so happened to turn 10 months this week. 

My sweet, sweet Harrison is just growing up before my eyes. He absolutely adores his big brother and sister. The feeling is mutual. Banks cannot WAIT to see his little brother each morning, and Raleigh wants to hug him first thing. In the last week, Harrison has done a great job of eating finger foods for every solid meal (mainly soft breads and muffins). HOWEVER, he will NOT feed it to himself. He sits back, relaxes, and insists on momma feeding it to him. He will play with the food. He will feed bits of the food to momma. But he will NOT feed himself. He also refuses to use a sippy still, despite multiple daily attempts to show him, model for him, teach him, etc. Oh, this boy. He does things at his own pace, which ultimately reminds me to chill out and stop putting pressure on him and myself. In other news, Harrison is making great strides with walking--he cruises like a champ and loves pushing his walker. He is also great at throwing a small ball! Seriously-it's pretty awesome! He loves to try and mimic what we say, too, and has that sweet, backwards-hand-clenching wave down pat. He is amazing, and we adore him.

And with that, I would wish you the happiest of weekends. This is the only weekend for awhile that we have ZERO plans on our calendar. And my hub has a good deal of travel coming up; so, I'm hoping we can relax and play and go wherever the weekend leads us. I hope your big plans, or no plans, weekend suits you just as well! Have a great one! And remember to check back over the weekend for the big, fun reveal!

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