Monday, February 2, 2015

Banksisms and Raleigh's Ramblings, Part 17

My first son and my only daughter are baaaaa-aaaack to bring more giggles to the ol' blog. I seriously cannot wait to turn all these funny conversations into a family coffee table book one day. They sure do make me laugh! 

So. Here is Part 17 (And wow! I can't believe there have been that many posts about this!):

Banks: "Do you know what is the greatest gift of all?"
Momma: "No. What?"
Banks: "Jesus. Do you know what else is the greatest gift of all?"
Momma: "No. What?"
Banks: "A bad guy and then I can pour water in his eyes."
Something seems a little contradictory here...

Momma: "Raleigh, switch chairs with Banks. Banks gets to sit in the good chair because he's doing a great job ignoring you while you're trying to upset him."
Raleigh (genuinely and sincerely): "Wow! Good job, Banks! I'm so proud of you!"
Whelp. That totally backfired.

Banks: "'Sarah' is so sweet. I'm gonna marry her. Dad, if you saw her, you would love her."
Names have been changed to protect the innocent. ;) But I love that he wants his dad's approval. <3

Banks: "'Jane' is trying to make me love her the most by making these weird faces."
(demonstrates by smiling sweetly and batting his eyelashes)
Banks: "But I don't love her. I love 'Sarah'."
Momma: "What is it that you love about Sarah?"
Banks: "Because she is so sweet, and she looks like a kitty cat."
Meow. I guess he has a type. Also? Some day he'll appreciate those "weird faces."

Raleigh: "Mom, I like Rapunzel's hair, and I like her daddy's hair."
Momma: "Her daddy? Which one is her daddy?"
Raleigh: "The one with the pants name."
(Momma, totally puzzled, thinks for a moment before a lightbulb goes off...)
Momma: "Eugene?"
Raleigh: "Yeah! Eugene!"
Get it? Pants. Eugene. Hahahaha!!!

(After taking a swig of Raleigh's juice box..)
Banks: "Let me make sure this is not poisonous, okay?"
Raleigh: "Okay! Thank you!"
Such a thoughtful big brother, isn't he?

Banks: "Mom, has the bowling game started?"
Momma: "Huh?"
Banks: "You know, with the Seattle Seahawks."
Momma: "Ohhhh, no honey. It's not bowling. It's football. It's just called the Super Bowl."
Although, at least bowling balls can't be deflated. Maybe the Pats should be forced to throw bowling balls next year? I'd watch!

And now, I'm all set to laugh my way through the week. Thanks for the smiles, kiddos!

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