Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday: Father's Day Edition

Thank the good Lord it's Friday, y'all! Summer is just rolling right along, isn't it? I mean, I cannot believe we are already over halfway through June. It's pure craziness, I tell ya. 

Anywho. Here's my Friday Five for today: 

My biggest boy had his first ever Vacation Bible School this week. For whatever reason, the first two days during drop-off he was very teary--it's so unlike our outgoing, confident boy! I'm not sure if it was because there weren't any familiar faces when we first arrived or if he was overwhelmed by all the kids and rockin' music. Regardless, he did great when I dropped him off the second half of the week and had the best time. He is already asking to go back next year, when Rals will be old enough to join him. I just adore their Jesus-lovin' hearts. <3

You guyyyyyyyyyys. Insomnia. Oh my word. For the last month, I have had the WORST insomnia. It reminded me of how badly I had it when I was pregnant (and no, no I'm not, thankyouverymuch). There have been days where I have been an absolute zombie. I am just not someone who can function without good sleep; so, this last month has been rough. I finally called my doc and am currently taking an OTC medication. I am so very happy to report that, for the last three nights, I have gotten GOOD sleep (as in 8-9 much-needed hours after weeks and weeks of terrible, disrupted sleep). I feel like a new woman!

This weekend, my oldest two kiddos are headed out for a weekend o' fun with Bammy and Digby. They asked if they could visit them for five nights, but I told them two nights would have to do for now. I know Bam and Digs have some fun plans up their sleeves, and I can't wait to hear all about their adventures when we pick them up on Sunday!

Meanwhile, my hub, Harrison, and I will be back home and carrying on a Father's Day tradition we started last summer. Tomorrow, my hub and 27 other friends/dads from the 'hood will be playing a round of golf before meeting up with us mommas and our kiddos at the pool for a little pool-side dining. Should be fun for all ages! We'll conclude our weekend by reuniting with Banks and Raleigh and celebrating our Daddy.

Next week is going to be a bit of a doozy. As I previously mentioned shouted from the rooftops, my hub recently started a new (NON-TRAVELING!) job. However. Next week, he will be in San Francisco for training, which means I'll be solo-momma-ing it all week. While the record-breaking heat 'round these parts continues. And I prep for our first of two family beach trips the following week. Gulp. ;) Luckily, the should be the last of any travel like this for the forseeable future. And I am so excited to hit the beach that the adrenaline and anticipation of our impending trip may just carry me through the week unscathed.

And with that, we're off to get this Father's Day party started! Thank you to the many, many awesome mommas out there who joined me for the first Mom-ing Through Faith post. The readership for the series continues to be absolutely amazing, and I was blown away, and in tears multiple times, reading over the wonderful, uplifting comments many of you so bravely and kindly posted on Facebook. Remember our "assignment": reach out to three other mommas in your life and let them know how awesome they are. 

And please check back in on Monday for another new Mom-ing Through Faith post. See you then! Happy Father's Day to the dads in your lives. Xoxo

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