Monday, June 1, 2015

Isms, Part 20

We've been laughing our way through the Spring, thanks to my hilarious little Lus. And there's nothing like a little comic relief right when you need it most, amIright? That being said, I now present Isms, Part 20 (Wow!):

Banks: "I'm confused. Will you tell me the answer so I can get un-confused."
Always a good idea to get un-confused.

Daddy: "What's wrong?"
Banks: "They're calling me a cheater out there."
Daddy: "Well, were you cheating?"
Banks: "Well...yeah."
Alrighty then.

Banks: "I have a super power."
Momma: "What is it?" 
Banks: "When I look up at the sun and then I look away, I can see green and orange. 'Jane' at school has the same super power, too!" 
That is *quite* the super power, I must say. Next thing you know, his vision will slowly adjust to darkness...

Banks: "Did you cut the grass with a real mow launder?"
Mow launder?! So close, buddy. You were so close.

Banks: "If me and my friends played outside today, we would get soak and wet."

(Loud thud, followed by crying...)
Momma: "What's wrong, Rals?"
Raleigh: "I hit my eyebrown."

Raleigh: "Daddy, the moon is following us."
I love that sweet innocence. <3

Banks: "My ma'ams are on vacation to Boston College."
Momma: "Well, then, your treats are on vacation, too."
Banks: "No, wait! My ma'ams are NOT on vacation!" 
Funny how fast those ma'ams returned!

Raleigh: "Can I have some of your drank" (this is how she pronounces /drink/ with her sweet Southern twang)
Momma: "Not this one, honey."
Raleigh: "Because it's a dolt drink?"
I do love me a good dolt drink.

Keep on, keepin' on, little Lus.

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