Friday, June 5, 2015

Five On Friday: Stay Tuned Edition

Five On Friday, off we go!

I am planning a new and HONEST and EXHILARATING and (hopefully!) HELPFUL blog series. It's something that's really been on my heart the last few months, and something I've been putting to paper the last few weeks, and I am almost ready to put it out there. I really, really, REALLY hope you'll join me in participating. It will only work if YOU do. So. Please stay tuned and pretty please with sugar on top, come on back next week for the reveal. And then, pretty please with sugar on top, stick around and dive in with me! 

We got the photos back from our recent family photo shoot and ohmygoodness, I love them all so very much. I am so lucky that one of my nearest and dearest is an amazingly talented photographer and was able to capture such a special time in our lives. I'm waiting for four of the photos to arrive on big canvases as we speak and can't wait to print and frame many of the others that I just adore. Thank you, thank you, thank you, V!!! <3

We snuck in a few different playdates this week, between all the yucky rain showers, with several different sweet, neighborhood friends. I just love that my kiddos have such great buddies in the neighborhood whose mommas are such great buddies of mine. And when this is the end result of one of them, well, you know good times were had by all: 

I remember when I was pregnant with Sweet Baby Lu and asking other mommas for advice on how to manage three young kiddos, and one momma wisely telling me that things would be easy and then hard and then easy and then hard and so on. Actually, I think the same can be said for having one, two, three, or more kiddos in the family. And, I have to admit, we have entered one of the hard phases. Mainly because my Sweet Baby Lu, aka Harrison, has reached the oh-so-tiring into EVERYTHING phase. I just can't turn my back for a minute because this little fella is FAST. And he often thinks he can move faster than his little feet will carry him so there are lots of falls and bumps and heart-stopping moments. Unless he is contained somewhere (read: stroller, high chair, carseat, crib), I just can't relax. Now, I am not complaining in the least--these moments are what help a momma earn her stripes--but don't be surprised if my "dolt drink" intake increases in the morning (hello, coffee) and also in the evening (hello, wine). Whew!

My sistas and I are headed to my hometown tomorrow to shower my sister "in law" as we celebrate the impending arrival of cousin #8 (and boy #4) at the end of the summer. Although it'll be a day-trip only, I'm excited to see my sisters and spoil my newest nephew. Meanwhile, my hub will be holding down the fort back home with my trio, braving a pool birthday party with all three in tow. God speed, hub. 

And with that, I hope you have an awesome weekend! And I really hope you'll check back next week for my blog series reveal and then, perhaps, dive in with me. Whatdoyasay?! Have a good one!

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