Friday, November 6, 2015

Cheers to the Weekend: Clemson Football Edition

In just a few short hours, my hub and I are headed out for a weekend away with some of our best friends to one of our favorite places: Tiger Town! That's right, we'll be headed to Clemson to watch our undefeated, #1 ranked Tigers take on the FSU Seminoles. We are crossing every finger and toe that we can pull out the W, all while having a good time with great friends. But. Before we head out, I wanted to say...


Halloween. Say wha? Yes, I know it was last weekend but we sure had fun, both Friday night at our progressive couples party and Saturday/night, when the Force was with us while trick-or-treating. I think Banks hit up somewhere around 50 houses; so, we are drowning in candy. Not that I'm complaining... :)

33%. As in 1/3. As in 60 days. As in, we are almost officially one-third of the way through the school year. This first year of elementary school is absolutely flying by!  

Magazine photo shoots. Be ready to snag the 2016 Halloween edition of Better Homes and Gardens off the shelves in a year. You just may see a familiar face amongst the pages...

Favorite things. And by Favorite Things, I mean my favorite party of the year! My neighborhood hosts this fun event each year where every party guest brings four of the SAME item, costing $10 or less for the item (so, you spend a total of $40). Each guest's item is assigned a number. All guests then randomly draw four numbers, and you get to take home the four items corresponding with those numbers. Make sense? It really is easier than it sounds. And so fun! This year, the item I took to give away were R+F Mini Facials (one of my favorite things ever!! Contact me if you want to hear more about this magical concoction). :) And I ended up bringing home awesome nail polish and lip gloss, Crabtree & Evelyn products, a gorgeous cowl, and a travel pill case, complete with Advil. :) In fact, I love this party so much that three of my girlfriends and I are hosting our own for our dearest friends next month. I can't wait!!!

Holiday plans. Family gatherings have been scheduled. Holiday parties are written in the calendar. Double- and triple-date nights are ready to go. School celebrations and music programs and neighborhood events are on the horizon. I know this is a busy time of year, but I love getting to see so many I love!

Healthy 6-year-olds. Banks had his 6-year well check yesterday, and I am so happy that my handsome little (big) guy is healthy and well. He is 4 feet, 1 inch tall (95th percentile) and 54 pounds (88th percentile). <3 And I'm thankful that my trio *mostly* behaved at the appointment. ;)

CHEERS to you and your weekend! And GO TIGERS!!!!

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