Friday, March 4, 2016

Cheers To The Weekend: Hello, March! Edition

Hip, Hip, Hooray! It's Friday! Here's what I'm saying CHEERS to this week/end: 

To healthy 4-year-old girls! Raleigh had her 4-year well check last week. Anyone who has a 4+ year old knows this is a ROUGH appointment, as there are shots and fingerpricks involved. Because we are flu-misters (rather than flu-shotters), she hasn't had shots in awhile (at least, none that she can remember). So, just as it was with Banks, I knew this would be a rough appointment. And so, just as it was with Banks, my hub accompanied us to the appointment so that he could help calm his baby girl's nerves during the finger prick/shot administration. The good news is that (1) she is healthy and thriving, continuing to be long and lean and doing great, (2) I didn't cry during her shots [I may or may not have cried during Banks' 4-year shots], (3) she cried briefly before recovering quickly, and (4) no more shots will be needed until she's 11, God-willing. We celebrated with sprinkled donuts for lunch before she passed out on the way home.  

To awesome church series. Last weekend, our church concluded a four-part series about honoring your spouse. Our senior pastor, David Chadwick, and his wife, Marilyn, lead together during the four weeks, and it was really great to leave with such tangible, applicable ideas to better honor our spouses. I am very much a contemporary, applicable church service kind of girl, so this one was right up my alley.  

To happy toddlers. Harrision is now forward-facing in our car. It is so fun to be able to look back and see his smiling face. And the boy loves to sing more than any child I know; so, it's fun to watch him rock out in the rearview while driving along. 

To improving health. Despite being happy to be forward-facing, Harrison has had a nasty cough all week, one that's cut his nap time down to pretty much nil and kept him up in the middle of the night. A trip to the pediatrician yesterday confirmed a nasty ear infection and resulted in a prescription for a strong antibiotic. The only upside to illness? Naps on momma. Heaven sent, I tell ya. 

To inspiring friends. One of my closest friends here started a charitable movement to create "blessing bags," which are bags filled with toiletries and other supplies to hand out to the homeless who come up to cars during red lights, etc. Well, once our elementary school heard about her awesome idea, they jumped right in, having every student create a hand-written note for over 150 bags, which were filled with children's items. Earlier this week, Banks and I accompanied my friend and her sweet oldest daughter to Levine Children's Hospital to deliver the bag. It was an amazing experience, and I am so proud of both my friend, Jenna, and our school for rallying around her idea and our community. <3

To a great first basketball season. Banks concluded his first basketball season last night. It was AMAZING to see the progress that he and his teammates made over the season. Just awesome! He really loved playing more than I ever thought he would: In fact, every day when he gets home from school now the first thing he does is go in our driveway to shoot some hoops. And while his inaugural season has come to an end, I have no doubt he'll be back on the court next year! And now, our focus turns (back) to flag football. Whew!

 Baller. Go Hornets!
Cute Fan #1

 Cute Fan #2


To miracles. I will never forget the night my phone rang. When I looked down, I saw that one of my sisters was trying to FaceTime me. Not uncommon, except that it was almost 9:00 pm on a weekday, which was a little unusual. I answered the phone to see...a positive pregnancy test. I will not say exactly what words came out of my mouth (this blog = curse-free zone), but I will say it was one of the greatest, and most wonderfully amazing, shocks of my life: my sister, Jessie, is pregnant. My sister, who battled secondary infertility and went to the ends of the earth to welcome her baby boy into the world (after giving birth to my niece three years earlier with no problem); my sister, who nearly had to abandon her dream of having more than one biological child; my sister, who went to every length to have my nephew, who put her body through you-know-what-and-back to get him here; yes, THAT sister, is pregnant. Miracles happen, y'all, and all with God's perfect timing. My niece/phew, who is due to arrive later this year, is one of them. 

To super duper fun weekend plans. I cannot WAIT until tomorrow!!!!! Can.Not.Wait. Eeeek!!!

I hope you have something fun up your sleeves, too! Have a great one! 


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