Wednesday, March 2, 2016


It has been over a year since I wrote one of these posts. So. I thought I was overdue for a fun lil' update. 

Currently, I am 

Loving...the tease of Spring weather. We have had a few BEAUTIFUL days over the last couple of weeks which, for our active Lu Crew, means lots of time outside riding bikes, playing basketball, drawing with chalk, playing with neighbors, and soaking up the sun.

Reading...The Best Yes By Lysa Terkeurst. I read a chapter per morning, during the quiet time my hub and I share from 7:00 to 7:30 am. It's always a good indication of how good I think a book is based on how much underlining and dog-earing I do. And let's just say my pen has been busy and my pages have been folded many a time.

Waiting for...answered prayers. And, well, answers.

Excited about...this summer!!!! Eeeek!!!! I absolutely LOVE the summer, when we can spend the majority of our time outside, whether it be poolin' it, beachin' it, or just seeing where the Vitamin D days take us. I have already signed up my littles for a couple of fun camps and am so ready to have so much more time with my rising 1st grader. Come on, May! We're ready for you!

Trying to...stay patient while waiting for answered prayers. :)

Working on...buying clothes for myself, not just my babies. I am horrible about buying for my own wardrobe, yet my children's closets are full. While I have certainly become more interested in quality over quantity as I've grown older, both are lacking in my closet at this point. Time to do a little shopping for Momma. Anyone want to do it for me?

Enjoying...Pure Barre. Yes, still. It has been over a year since I started, and I still love it just as much! I have never had an easy class--if anything it's gotten harder! I still curse under my breath during certain portions of the class (e.g., 90-second planks while doing all kinds of crazy positions during it [e.g., stay in plank but float your right arm; then your left; then your right leg; then your left; now tuck...]; it's nuts, I tell you). As hard as it is, the women are amazing, the results are worth the burning and shaking, and it's a great excuse for some much-needed "me" time several times a week. Rodan + Fields self-tanner to brighten up this pasty skin for some super fun weekend plans. Good Lawd my translucent skin needed some color. Maybe yours does, too? This stuff really works AMAZINGLY well, with no streaking. Let me know if you want me to grab some for you. :)

Wearing...the beautiful right-hand ring my hub gave me within the hour of our Harrison being born. He designed it and had it made as a special gift for both our 10-year anniversary and as a celebration of our three babies. It contains each of their birth stones, and I just love it so much. baby boy's second birthday celebration. Tears all around over here. I'm not ready, and I truly feel like we JUST celebrated his first birthday with a fun and festive milk and cookies party. :( But I do love a reason to celebrate, and kiddos' birthdays are my favorite. While we are planning something very small for our little fella, I think he'll have a great time. :) the top of my lungs, I mean belting it out, when I'm alone in my car. So. If you pull up beside me and see me jamming out, know that I think I'm a much better singer than I actually am and that, no, private shows are not available at this time. remember to forgive, forgive, forgive, even when feelings are hurt over and over again and it feels hard to do. Jesus, take the wheel. use my Silhouette Cameo in different ways. I have made a couple of fun projects and can't wait to make more over the next couple of months! I'm always open to fun suggestions and/or requests, if you have any. :)

Listening to...Let It Go being sung over the baby monitor. Only not by Frozen-loving Raleigh. Nope. By Harrison. Ha! Have I mentioned the kid loves to sing?

Wishing...I didn't have such a hard time with my babies growing up. Sometimes I think I struggle with this more than the average bear. While some may celebrate toddlers being potty trained (no more diapers!), kids being moved out of their cribs, and beach times being more relaxing and less active as a parent, the thought of these things actually makes me sad. :( Ugh. Growing up is hard...especially, when you're the parent.

Doing...lots of cheering for my Banks! From basketball to football, I am definitely one of those mommas who loves to cheer loud and proud for her boy!

Dreaming of...the sand in my toes, the salt in my hair, a cocktail in my hand, and the joyful cheers of little ones running up and down the beach. Come on, summer! I'm ready for you!


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