Friday, June 17, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, Fam Beach Trip #1 Edition

It's the most...WONDERFUL time...of the year...

Oh, wait. I may have confused my seasonal songs. How about...

Summa, summa, summatime...

That's more like it. And with summer, comes BEACH!!! We are headed out to our annual Edisto beach trip with my hub's "side" of the family, which, between completing our last home study visit on Wednesday (hooooooray!!!!), distributing fundraising caramels to those who purchased (thank you!!!!!), carpooling between two separate camps (Football! VBS!), attending two birthday parties, packing for said beach trip, grocery shopping for said beach trip, keeping up with our very own little "Dennis the Menace," ;) , etc., whew!!!!, it has made for a VERY busy week. In other words, this is going to be a short post for today. 

Quickly, a few things we are saying CHEERS to this week/end... camp! See also: Banks' version of heaven. He loved every single second!

...VBS! Our shy little lady had a rough time with the first couple of drop offs, despite having one of her sweet besties by her side, but by Wednesday, she was rockin' it. She had a ball!

...trouble-making toddlers! I cannot turn my head for even a millisecond without this child (1) dumping out an entire bag of rice, (2) pouring water into a full bag of chips, (3) dumping his sippy of milk on the table and then splashing it as hard and fast as he can, (4) pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, (5) coloring in places he should NOT be coloring, etc. And I won't even mention the 30-minute scream-fest he conducted in the grocery store at the start of the week. But y'all? This fella still has my heart, mischievous menace and all. :) 

...Momma dates! Of the tennis and movie variety. :) guests! Last weekend, my parents surprised the kiddos by coming up for a pool party and sleepover on Saturday. Fun for all and all for fun! 

...Father's Day fun! For the second year, my hub orchestrated a big ol' fun golf tournament for over 40 days in our 'hood. Last year, he shot his first ever hole in one, which pretty much made his weekend the best ever. :) So, the guys will be hitting the links on Saturday and then will be meeting all us mommas and kiddos at the pool afterwards for a cool down and dinner. Sunday will also belong to my hub, as we do any and everything he desires. :) 

Alright, that's it for now, party people. Off to continue checking off the ol' to-do list. Have an awesome weekend, fabulous Father's Day, and wonderful week next week. I'll be back after vacation with an Edisto recap, a (finally!) write-up of my soon-to-be nephew's baby shower, a Wee One Wednesday, and more, more, more! 

Bon voyage!  



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