Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wee One Wednesday: Drowning in Paperwork

Before researching the process of adoption, I had no idea what it would entail. 

As we were in the decision-making process of whether or not adoption was the road for us, we had to decide from where we would adopt--that meant choosing between domestic and international adoption. For us, this was an fairly easy decision. We both agreed that if we did adopt, it would be internationally. Next, we had to decide from which country to adopt. Without going into the politics and logistics of different countries' requirements, we were able to narrow it down to a few choices. But honestly? China has ALWAYS been on my heart. Once we determined that this was a Hague Adoption Convention country, and one that generally requires a 2-week stay rather than the multiple and/or 4 to 6 week stay other countries require when going to adopt a child, my heart's desire was confirmed. China. <3

Next began deciding which adoption agency we wanted to pursue. After (much!) research again, we decided on our agency. We filled out the thorough applications for both the adoption agency as well as one of the home study agencies they recommend. When I say thorough, I mean as detailed as the high school activities we were involved in to all of our current financials and EVERYTHING in between. Whew. But, we worked diligently on these initial applications and once completed, submitted them to the adoption and home study agencies. We were lucky to hear back in just a few days--we had been accepted!!!! Hooray!!!!

Thus began the next phase of the process: compilation of our dossier. This is where we are now. This involves having four home study visits with our social worker (we've already had three!), who will then write up a lengthy document summarizing information obtained from thorough interviews with the kids, my hub, and myself. Additionally, we have to complete 12 hours of training (done!), read five required books and examine four required websites and write up reviews of each (done!), have physicals completed of all five of us Lus (done!), obtain original birth and marriage certificates (done!), get fingerprinted (done!), turn in pet vaccination records (done!), verify all of our financial information--including assets, liabilities, and net worth (done!), receive signed letters from employers (done!), have extensive background checks completed from multiple states (done!), have three of our nearest and dearest friends, as well as Banks' kindergarten teacher, write letters of recommendation (done!), turn in 10 couple, family, and lifestyle photos as well as our passports and six additional passport photos (done!), and on and on and on. And on. 

Next, we will get most elements of our dossier notarized and certified and authenticated, and finally, will have the entire dossier reviewed by our agency. It will then be sent to China, and after (hopefully! Dear Jesus, be with us!) being accepted, the waiting game (i.e., waiting for children's files to review) will begin. 

So, that's basically it in a nutshell. On top of that, we've applied for a grant from our church (which we got-praise!!!) and are brainstorming a few fundraising efforts (more on that soon!). 

Make sense why we've been a *tad* busy lately, with all of this on top of, well, life with three littles? Whew! But I have absolutely NO doubt that this is what we are supposed to be doing and NO doubt that this will all be worth it, especially once we can finally get our hands on our girl. For now, we fervently continue our pursuit. Hang on, sweet little lady. We are coming for you...

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18.

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  1. At first I thought you were pregnant again! I look forward to following along in this journey. Another girl?! How fun!