Friday, June 10, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, Summer Marches On Edition

It's FriYAY!!! I don't know about you other stay-at-home mommas, but now that school is out, I generally have NO idea what day of the week it is. ;) But today, I can assure you, is Friday. 

Anywho. Here is what I'm saying CHEERS to this week/end! CHEERS to...

...sista time. Last weekend, my sisters and I threw a baby shower for my soon-to-be nephew, Sam (more on that when I finally find time to write up the post about it!). Once the shower was over, four of the six of us stayed in town to spend some girl time with each other, my momma, and my grandma. It was so nice! We got to see my parents new, soon-to-be home, went out for cocktails and apps, and then came home to put on jammies and talk a little girl talk. It was just perfect.

...finally getting to snuggle my beautiful new nephew Finn. He is just delicious.

...crossing items off our summer bucket list! At the start of each summer, I come up with a fun little checklist of activities for us to strive to accomplish by the time school rolls around. So far, so good! A few of the things we've done so far? Puddle-jumped, had a donut picnic, had our own carwash, and made our own popsicles.  

...less than 24-hour viruses. Earlier this week, out of the blue, Raleigh suddenly spiked a high fever that just wouldn't budge with meds and a cool washcloth on her forehead. So. She was treated to a cool temp whirlpool with plenty of bubbles. That did the trick! And her fever broke that evening. So strange, but I'm glad it was so short-lived!

...camps next week! If you have met my Banks for even 5 minutes, you know that he is obsessed with football: watching it, playing it, talking about it. So, he'll be spending next week at football camp! I don't know that he will even be able to sleep Sunday night because he'll be so pumped for it. :) And Raleigh will be headed to Vacation Bible School at her preschool. Hopefully, my initially shy girl will come out of her shell and love it! Meanwhile, Harrison and I will be prepping for the first of two extended family beach trips--grocery shopping, laundry-ing, packing, etc. 

...pool time and more pool time. We can't get enough and go just about every day, for at least a couple of hours. If for nothing else, to pick up chicks, baby pool style. ;)

...ADOPTION FUNDRAISING!!! We have started our adoption fundraising efforts to help cover some of the costs. We have a few ideas up our sleeves to help with our funding. If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, you know what I'm talking about. :) If not, here's the scoop: 

I am THRILLED to announce that we have partnered with a local business, Stirred By  Hand, to kick off our fundraising efforts! Stirred by Hand makes the most amazingly delicious caramels that melt in your mouth (I speak from experience ;), with their proceeds supporting various adoption efforts. 

Just in time for FATHER’S DAY (it’s next Sunday, people ;), we and Stirred By Hand are so excited to offer two types of dad-approved caramels:

Daufuskie Island Rum Caramels
Jameson Irish Whiskey Caramels

There are three options for purchase:

1 lb box = $28
1/2 lb box = $16
Fun size pouch = $9

If you are interested in purchasing, know that we will be getting a portion of the proceeds to put directly towards our adoption. Please comment below, on Facebook, on Instagram, or shoot me a text. Oh, and for the time being, this is for those who are local to Fort Mill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas only (for delivery purposes). <3 

And with that, we are off to get our weekend started. We have a low-key weekend ahead, with the exception of a couple of surprise guests joining us at the pool tomorrow. :) It's going to be a HOT one!

Y'all have a great weekend, and let me know if I can hook you (or your Pops) up with some caramels. :)

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