Friday, July 15, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, Errrr...Hello Again Edition

I love, love, LOVE to write. It is one of my most favorite things to do. But. Lately, it has had to take a backseat to other things (See: summer with three active kiddos; adoption process; fundraising; etc.), which makes me sad but alas, such is life. So, just one measly post this week (and none next week, for good reason!). Regardless, here is what I'm saying CHEERS to, in rapid fashion:! Raleigh had a half-day camp in our neighborhood this week, with lots of other adorable 3-5 year old friends. This meant plenty of games, sports, crafts, and water play for our girl! She had a great time all week. Yay, Raleigh! 

...continued summer fun! Between playdates and pool time and American Ninja Warrior-backyard style, and everything in between, this was full, fun, typical summer week for my Lu crew. Non-stop, all the time, but we love it!

...adoption fundraising! You guys ROCK!!! Thank you so, so much to those who have reached out about cookie orders. In fact, between prepping for our impending beach trip and solo-managing my trio this week, I spent every spare minute baking and decorating four dozen cookies and two dozen cupcakes for a friend's corporate event. With a few other orders on the horizon, this kitchen will be rockin'! And there is a super fun, amazing new fundraising purchase that will be available SOON!!! Stay tuned. I am soooooooo excited!!!!

...daddy coming HOME!!!!! Did I mention my hub started a new job this week? No? Well, he did! And we are so excited for, and proud of, him! But. That meant an entire week spent in San Francisco training. He will be catching a red-eye tonight, and I promise you that we cannot WAIT to see him bright and early tomorrow morning! 

 Night 1
  Night 2
  Night 3
  Night 4
  Night 5

...our second big family beach trip, this time, BLOMPS style! We are headed out tomorrow for a week with my "side" of the family (aka two grandparents, five siblings and our spouses [we will be missing one sib/hub/new son fam since their little fella was born just last week], and 8 cousins). For me, family = loud, crazy, chaotic fun, and we will have plenty of that over the next week. So. Please excuse my absence from this little space next week while I soak up my time! Be back soon, promise!

For now, have a wonderful week/end, and stay cool in this crazy heat!!! Bon voyage!

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