Friday, July 29, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, So Long July Edition

Well, hellooooooo!!! It's been two weeks since my last post due to a(nother) week at the beach and then a busy week back at home, but I am happy to be back here, in my little virtual space. And, ummm, can anyone believe that next week is August?!? August. That is nuts! Anywho. Here's what I've been saying CHEERS to since my last post: 

...modern medicine. My sweet, littlest fella was diagnosed with bronchitis at the start of the week. Although he had had a cough for a couple weeks before that, I was thinking it would resolve on it's own (as my own, and Raleigh's, had earlier this summer). But then, at the beach last week, it grew increasingly worse, to the point where he was gagging so hard that he actually threw up. So. To the pediatrician we went. We started breathing treatments on Monday and by Tuesday, his cough already sounded SO much better! Today? Healthy as can be. Thank you, modern medicine! And thank you, Harrison, for sitting so calmly and sweetly through each of your breathing treatments. You are a rockstar, buster! camp. This week was Banks' turn for neighborhood camp, this time in the form of Art Camp! After a "hiccup" the first day (and by hiccup I mean, "No, Banks, we do not turn a cute little puppy painting into a devil dog with fangs and dripping blood" :0), he had a great time creating little masterpieces. :)

...cookie and cupcake orders. My local friends are just the BEST. Here is a little peek of some of the cookies and cupcakes I have made for various customers in recent weeks, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to our adoption fundraising:

For a fun flamingo birthday party
For a festive 4th
Paws for a pink and blue puppy party...
...and matching bones, of course!
Four dozen cookies and two dozen cupcakes for 15 years of Red Bull distributing success!
 For a sweet 2-year-old's birthday party awesome week at the beach with my "side" of the family. 


A fun weekend lies ahead, with a birthday cookout tonight for a special little lady who is turning two today and a weekend spent with one of my sisters and adorable niece and nephew while my hub and her hub (and all the other hubs on my "side" of the family) help my parents move into their brand new home (!!!!!!). On that note, let's "get along" with all this fun weekend business. :) Have a great one!

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