Friday, September 16, 2016

Cheers to the weekend, Party in the Valley Edition

Three cheers for Friday, hip, hip, hooray!!! Here is what my Lu Crew is saying CHEERS to this week/end:

Clemson games. We took all three kiddos to the Clemson game last weekend, and while the win was an ugly one, we still had a (hot! sweaty!) blast with so many of our college BFFs and their littles. After the game, we headed to our friends' Clemson home for a cookout before we hit the road to head back to the Mill. Such a great day!

Ovens that stop working. Actually, this gets the opposite of a "cheers." This gets an uggggghhhhh. Can you slightly sense my frustration there? Sunday morning, out of the blue, our oven suddenly stopped working. A very nice repair man came the next day and spent over two hours trying to determine what was wrong. The verdict? One small little piece is broken and that small little piece just so happens to have been discontinued by KitchenAid. They were not able to give us any sort of estimate on when it will be available, which means we are without an oven. For someone who is currently baking many, many cookies to help fund our adoption, this is pretty darn frustrating. I am very lucky to have wonderful friends who are letting me borrow their ovens to bake cookies for the time being, but I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that the part miraculously shows up and our oven is repaired quickly. 

Seven-year-old birthday parties. Because my Banks lives and breathes football these days, we knew a football party would be right up his alley to celebrate him turning seven. So, tomorrow, we will be taking two of his best buds with us to a Clemson game. More on that next week! 

Missing front teeth. On Monday, I took all three kiddos to the dentist for a cleaning. While there, Banks had his front two teeth extracted (they were traumatized years ago in a freak accident and were brown and starting to push backwards as his new teeth were coming in. So, out those suckers came!). He was so excited that the tooth fairy left him two whole dollars for his two front teeth!!!

New nephew. Blog, meet Brooks. This, my friends, is my handsome new nephew, who made his debut one week ago today. Isn't he just the sweetest?!? 

And with that, we are off to kickoff the weekend as we prepare to celebrate our almost 7-year-old. Have a great one, y'all! 

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