Thursday, September 29, 2016


Crimson-colored sunsets;
A crisp Fall breeze;
The laughter of a child;
The swaying of the trees;

Freshly baked cookies;
A steaming cup of tea;
A warm and cozy quilt;
A calm and tranquil sea;

The full, glowing moon; 
The humming of a bee;
Freshly picked lillies;
The morning's first coffee;

The soft smell of a newborn;
An eagle, wild and free;
The graceful dance of snowflakes;
The changing of the leaves;

The best life has to offer
The best that's meant to be;
All pale in comparison
to what you mean to me. 

Banks Alexander, you have always been, and will always be, my sunshine. Your joyful, bountiful, zest for life, your kind and loving spirit, and your hard-working and ambitious attitude are exactly what makes you, you. Thank you for making me a momma on this day, at 5:27 pm, exactly seven years ago. Thank you for being exactly who you are. I love you more than you love football.

With All My Heart,


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