Monday, September 19, 2016

Party in the Valley: Banks Turns 7

Anyone who knows my Banks knows that he eats, sleeps, lives, and breathes football. It is his PASSION. So, when deciding what we would do for his 7th birthday party this year, it was a no-brainer: a football party! And what could be better than celebrating that party in one of his favorite places: Death Valley, where our Clemson Tigers play! Although Banks' actual birthday isn't until the end of the month, we knew that Clemson vs. SC State would be the perfect game to take him and his buddies to for the celebration since it was a pretty low-key, afternoon game. And, because we have season tickets, and were able to secure a couple of extras since my brother and a few of our friends wouldn't be making the game, we had enough tickets for Banks to invite two friends and for one of his friends' dads, my hub, and I to also go. Perfect! Raleigh and Harrison made the trip, but we dropped them off at one of my best friend's houses (which is in Clemson) with a sitter so that we could just focus on the birthday boy for the day. 


We were ready to party, and party we did! And now, a few pics and details from his 7th birthday party in the Valley: 

The invitation, made by Momma (have I mentioned how much I LOVE putting my Silhouette Cameo to use?!): 

Because there would only be two party guests and Banks, I wanted to make some personalized favors for them. Silhouette to the rescue again! I made each a jersey shirt to wear (with the #7, since Banks is turning 7) as well as a personalized water bottle. I topped it off with some "Go Tigers" eye black and the boys were dressed to impress. ;) 





I also wanted to make some fun cookies for the occasion, and decided to do a field with the (sprinkle!) crowd in the background as well as some personalized cookies for each boy. 

While we are saving the cake for the birthday boy's actual birthday, I still wanted to have something to hold the candles he would blow out. Because our oven is broken (ugggggghhh), I wasn't able to make his cupcakes--BUT--I tried to do the next best thing. I bought some chocolate cupcakes, scraped the chocolate icing off, and homemade some green buttercream icing, which I then piped on as grass before adding a football gummy on top. They were a hit!

I also grabbed a football field table cloth and football napkins and plates for a little extra decor. Easy peasy!

The morning of the party, we picked the guests up bright and early at 7:30 am with Tiger Rag blaring. They quickly changed into their shirts and we were well on our way. We stopped for biscuits on the way and then headed to Clemson! Don't let this sweet, innocent pic fool you: 

It was a WILD and LOUD and CRAZY car ride with three very excited boys (and two very well-behaved younger siblings)

We got to our tailgate spot in enough time for the boys to play a little football and get some energy out before we headed into the game:

It was SO fun to watch the boys take in the game. While it was hot, hot, HOT, we had a blast cheering on the Tigers and eating lunch in the stadium. 



Because it was already a blow-out by halftime (Go Tigers!), we ended up going back to the tailgate early, where Banks opened gifts and blew out his candles. On the way there, each boy had a Tiger paw painted on his cheek. :)

Finally, we headed out to pick Raleigh and Harrison back up before making the drive back home, with Banks' favorite movie ("Star Wars") playing both on the way to, and from, the game for the boys to enjoy. Whew! We made it back in one piece and I can assure you we ALL slept well that night! 

Happy, Happy Birthday (party), sweet Banks! We hope it fulfilled all of your football-loving dreams. <3  

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