Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cheers to the Week, So Long, October Edition

Because I wasn't able to get my ducks in a row last Friday, here is what we've been saying CHEERS to over the last week or so as we bid October adieu...

All things Halloween. We capped off a busy but great month of October by enjoying a pre-festivities meal with friends and then, duh!, trick-or-treating. This year, Harrison was ADAMENT about being dragon (I have NO idea where he even got the idea!) and Banks insisted on being a werewolf and Raleigh, well, a princess is what she wanted to be. So. We threw our usual family-themed costumes out the window and let them go to town: 


Prior to Halloween, we made sure to check more items off our Fall bucket list, including riding on a horse-drawn hayride on our 'hood's "Creepy Crawl" to check out the decked out houses.

We also carved our pumpkin and made sure our house was festive, too:

Also, Banks' school had "Dress like a book character day." So, Banks became Charlotte and her web


And now, on to Thanksgiving! Whew!

Cookie orders. You guys are NOT going to believe this. Our oven broke again!!!! Ugggggghhhhh!!! It happened on Sunday evening and our hearts just sunk. The saga continues. Before it broke, I was able to complete a few cookie orders, including some volleyballs, spooky cookies, and breast cancer awareness ribbons:

Camping. My oldest two had such a fun time with great friends during a recent Daddy/kiddo campout at our Greenway. Meanwhile, Harrison and I stayed cozy at home. #mommadontcamp

Carrie. Seven girlfriends and I headed out for a night on the town last weekend, where we had some tasty sushi and bevs before heading to the Epicenter to see the one and only Carrie Underwood. She was phenomenal!!! It was an awesome, much-need girl-time night. <3

Doubles match. I had my first EVER doubles match last week (with our next scheduled for next week), and it was so much fun! 

Baby snuggles. Over the weekend, Raleigh and I traveled to Georgia so that we could meet our new nephew/cousin. Oh my heart. We had the best time! Raleigh got to play nonstop with her BFF, her sweet cousin Cameron. I got to get in soooo many baby snuggles with precious Brooks. And we all enjoyed just spending time together. 

Tigers. Go Clemson Tigers! This has been such a fun, nailbiting season! My hub and I are ready to pack our bags for Tampa if our Tigers can keep pulling out these Ws all season long. But. We are also ready for some non-heart-palpitating games. Sheesh!

And with that, we say so long, October, and CHEERS to November. Let's do this thang! 

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