Friday, November 11, 2016

Cheers to the Weekend, Hello November Edition

Hi friends! November has arrived with a bang and with it, all the busy-ness the holiday season brings! On that note, here's what we're saying CHEERS to lately:

Doubles matches. One of these reasons I've had less time to blog lately is because I've been hitting the courts with my girl, V, in our doubles tennis league. In fact, we've had two matches this week, and while we may not be bringing home the Ws, we are having so much fun together!

Flag football. Last night, we closed out our third flag football season. Banks continues to be passionate about all things football and is already PUMPED about playing tackle football (gulp. The ONE sport I always swore none of my children would play) next Fall. There's no rest for the weary, though, because as soon as his game ended last night he headed straight to the gym for basketball evaluations. Sheesh!

Clemson Tigers. We continue to cross our fingers and toes and eyes and hairs that our Tigers can continue pulling out the wins and make it to Tampa for the National Championship game. Come on Tigers! We'll be cheering loud and proud as we take on Pittsburgh in Tiger Town tomorrow!

Cookie orders. Despite our broken oven (yes, again), my kitchen has been buzzin' with cookie orders this week, in the form of a cheerleader set and a baby shower set. It'll keep on rockin', too, as I am now booked through the end of the year and already have a couple orders for January. Bringing our daughter home one cookie at a time, while we wait for the phone call that she is ready for us. <3

Healthy kiddos.  I took my boys to the pediatrician for Banks' 7-year well check yesterday (homeboy continues to be at the 99th + percentile for height. He'll be taller than his momma soon!). And while Banks is healthy as can be, he required two sets of hands to hold him down while getting his flu shot. Meanwhile, Harrison barely flinched. I'd say these two have *slightly* different personalities. 

Gymnastics. My Raleigh Jane is still loving gymnastics and was recently asked to move up to the next level of class, an advanced preschool class that will begin to prepare her for competitions. As long as she keeps loving it, we'll keep doing it. Although she has also informed me she wants to dance, play soccer, play basketball, and be "all the other players, too." 

Double date nights. My hub and I snuck out for a double date with some fun friends last weekend and had a blast, just the four of us. 

Democracy. I know the election didn't turn out the way many were hoping (and did turn out the way many were hoping). While I will refrain from political talk here, I will say that I felt privileged to cast my vote on Tuesday, with my little trio in tow. While the hour wait was a little *stressful* while trying to keep my little circus occupied, it was so nice that we ended up in line with friends, which allowed for both momma talk and kiddo hangout time. And what a tremendous gift to be able to expose my kiddos to the beauty that is democracy, which has everything to do with our Veterans. 

Happy Veterans Day to our heroes. Have a beautiful Fall weekend, and Go Tigers!!!

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