Friday, November 18, 2016

Giving Thanks

The first thing I do every single morning, as my eyes slowly blink open to greet the day, is lie quietly, feeling the warm bed beneath me and the cozy covers around me, and immediately begin to pray--not a prayer of wants or needs or helps or please. A prayer of gratitude--thanking God for the many, many, MANY blessings of my life, those I do not deserve but those He has graciously bestowed upon me. Thank you, Jesus. I am not worthy.

As we welcome our day of Thanksgiving next week, I thought I would share some of the things I am so very thankful for, both big and small, both simple and deep. To God be the glory for all: 

My faith. My church. My pastor. My LifeGroup. The children's ministry. They mean everything to me.

My husband. How I adore my very best friend--who I am so lucky to walk through life with as we learn and grow and change together, challenge one another, support one another. 

My three biological children. Banks, Raleigh, and Harrison. They have given me my most precious gift -- being a momma. There are simply no words...

My chosen daughter, who we are waiting to pour into--all of our love and laughter and life. All of our family and friends and faith. We cannot wait to bring her home and into us.

My family. My BLOMPS. My Lutons. Family is family--which means family can be complicated and unexpected. Family can be easy. Family can be hard. But family is LIFE to me. Family is unconditional. Family is my world.

My friends. Old and new. New and old. My life is enriched by so many incredible people, from so many different chapters of my life, and I adore each and every one.

My home. I have heat and AC. I have furniture. I have walls and bookshelves that are covered in photos of my people. I have a stocked fridge and full pantry. I have clean, working water at my disposal. There are closets in my house with clothes for my family to wear. There are beds for us to sleep in and blankets to wrap up in. There are televisions for entertainment and a room devoted solely to playing. There is even an extra room that we fill with guests when they need it. We have an office for my husband to work in and a kitchen for me to cook bake in. We have a garage that holds two working vehicles, as well as bikes and scooters and strollers. Home is my haven.

My health and that of my family. And medicine when we need it. And doctors who are able to help us. And health insurance to help cover the costs.

Technology. Although I get approximately 2,567 texts a day from my sistas, I absolutely love that I have the chance to get approximately 2,567 texts a day from my sistas. And the ability to see photos of my nieces and nephews and friends. And the option to FaceTime with our grandparents and traveling Daddy.

My hobbies. Pure Barre. Blogging. Baking. Photo taking. Tennis. Reading. My "me time."

Nights on the couch with my hub. The kids go to bed and it's where we end our day together--television on, me asleep within 30 minutes. It is so comforting to know that it is waiting for me there at the end of the day.

Education. We chose where we live because we love the school system. There are not enough words of gratitude in this world for the amazing teachers who elect to spend their days teaching and loving my babies. What in the world we would EVER do without our teachers?!

Democracy. Being an American. I am so thankful to live in this country, surrounded by so many different people with so many different views and opinions. 

Coffee. I'm a momma of young children. No explanation needed. 

Wine (who am I kidding? Vodka). See reason above. 

My neighborhood. We hit the jackpot. To be surrounded by so many kind and wonderful and fun-loving and supportive friends--we are never leaving this place. 

Online grocery shopping, especially when the temperatures start to dip and/or the rain begins to fall.

Pandora. Jamming out to favorite tunes is the best mood lifter. And yes, that was me you passed by the other day who was dancing like my life depended on it and enjoying every minute (no steering-wheel-finger-tapping-mom-type-dancing happening in my car. No sirree, Bob. I throw DOWN when I drive). 

My husband's job. He provides for our family so I can stay home with our children. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful from the top of my head to the tips of my toes that he affords me this opportunity.

You. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read my words here. Truly. Thank you.

Happy Weekend-Before-Thanksgiving, friends. And thank you God for my many, many blessings. 

Love to you all,


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