Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Atlanta

Our house is packed.

One-third of our belongings are in a storage unit in Fort Mill waiting for us. 

The rest of our things are now packed in a large Penske truck in our driveway.

I have worked my last day as a pediatric neuropsychologist in Georgia. 

I have jumped into stay-at-home-momma-hood with both feet, enjoying every tiring second so far.

A beautiful new home awaits us in South Carolina.

And yet.

Surprisingly, I am somewhat sad to leave our Atlanta home, this part of our life, behind. 

It's not that we're not ready. Oh trust me. We are ready. 

We have been living on top of each other, the four of us, in our 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, with the unfinished basement and lack of playroom. There have been toys in every nook and cranny of this home. Our extended family has had to sleep on couches, on floors, or in hotel rooms when coming to visit us since our daughter was born in January. Without a doubt, we need more space. Without a doubt, we want to be closer to more of our family.

And yet.

I am, still, somewhat sad to leave this house.

It's because this is where my hub and I have spent the majority of our married life. It's because this is where my life as a momma began. It's because this is where I dreamed big dreams for both of my babies when they were still kicking, rolling, punching inside my tummy. It's because this is where I walked around the neighborhood with my hub trying to naturally induce my labor. It's because this is the place we brought both of our babies days after they were born. It's because this is the place where we watched both of our children smile, giggle, sit up, crawl, pull-up, and stand for the first time (and we can tell you exactly where in this home those moments first occurred). It's because this is where I have beautiful memories of laying in the grass with my girl while watching my boys play football/golf/baseball/soccer in the yard. It's because this is where I have spent time cloud watching and story telling with my son while taking in the smells of Spring outside. It's because this is where my daughter and I started our ritual of daily momma/daughter secrets. It's because this place has been home.

And yet. 
We have a new home now, in a new neighborhood, in a new state. 

Scared? Yes. Excited? Yes. Overwhelmed? Yes. Ready? Yes.

Because as long as we are together, we are home. 

On to the next chapter. 

Farewell Atlanta...

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